Kent combs review

Ever since we started carrying Kent combs on the website, I wanted a chance to tell you why they’re so great. I used to use your average drugstore comb for my beard, but then it dawned on me how bad they are for your hair.

Let me let you in on a trade secret: your average drugstore comb is made out of molded plastic, so hot plastic is poured into a mold with all the tines and allowed to harden like that. The thing is, on a microscopic level, that process leaves tons of jagged edges on the tines, which makes for rough split ends on your beard.

But Kent combs are a whole different animal. At Kent they start with a blank piece of high grade plastic, and craftsmen hand cut each tine with a saw, then polish them to a smooth finish. This leads to perfectly smooth combs that move like a hot knife through butter in your beard.

The one downside I’ve noticed to using the Kent comb is that the golden print will wear off after use. Now, I also had the same issue with with cheaper combs and it’s not too big of a deal to me – but for those who care about that; take note.

We carry three different combs from Kent. First is the large comb, which is great for hair on your head or your beard; I keep mine in my bathroom. Next is the pocket comb, for quick on-the-go grooming. Lastly, there’s the mustache comb, which, believe it or not, is exactly what it sounds like.

Our other new product is a boar’s hair bristle hairbrush, which you can use on your beard or your hair. Now, I’m not a brush guy, but I know a lot of people who swear by them, and this brush is top of the line. The natural boar’s hair means that no synthetic nylon is messing with your hair or causing static. Instead, the bristles naturally redistribute the oils in your hair, making way for a healthy head or beard.

Now, I know these products cost a couple of extra dollars than average drugstore model, but they’re really worth it: you’ll use it every day, and your beard will thank you.

For more talk about combs, check out my video review above.


UPDATE: Hey all, I just wanted to pop in and clear up that we no longer sell these great Kent combs because we make our own now! 

Our large beard comb was designed to glide through the beard and avoid snagging or breakage. We picked a cellulose-based acetate to match our desired specs and chose a high quality manufacturer in Switzerland to hand-craft them with care for us.

The comb design is cut out of the acetate sheet, shaping the comb. Then the edges are polished, the teeth are bevelled and cut, and the whole comb is polished and brushed. The teeth themselves are rounded with pumice. The result is a comb with smoothly-tapered teeth and rounded tips for more comfort.

Lastly, it's hit with an acid vapor to add shine and tumbled for a last polish before the gold printing. A lot of energy went into the production of our combs and we couldn't be more proud!

Check out our other 2 sizes: the Pocket Beard comb and the Mustache comb.


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