The Best Way to Get Your Beard From Patchy to Full Using Sea Salt Spray

—Josh Lawson

Drew, from Drew's Obsessions, is gonna experiment with different products to help make your patchy beard look fuller. Today he is gonna be using the Sea Salt Spray. It comes in a classic plastic packaging with a spray top and contains 8 fluid ounces. The info, directions, and ingredients are all included on the back. Its main use is to help add volume to your beard or even your hair.

Drew starts by fluffing up his beard. He removed any products that he did have and mentions that his beard feels relatively dry. He also notes that the bottle has a lock feature so it won't spill in transit. Then he unlocks it and begins to spray the fine mist into his beard.

It can a bit hard to concentrate, so some it might get on your face, but that's nothing to worry about. Drew then begins to comb it through his beard, noting that it feels very light, almost like water, and has a masculine scent like a tar and pine soap. It controls the hair slightly because of the moisture. Then he breaks out the boars bristle brush to get all his hair going in one direction. He immediately feels that it's softer, and notices that it has a significant amount of hold. The scent isn't at all overpowering.

He tries to comb through it again and notices his hair is getting stuck, and getting more volume. His beard feels softer and more controllable after using the sea salt spray, and wants to hear your feedback about how you feel it makes his beard look.

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