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At Urban Beardsman we believe in uniqueness. Half of the enjoyment of being bearded is not looking like everyone else. Each beard makes a statement about its wearer and the same is true of our accessories; especially the ones that serve a purpose. Set yourself apart with Master & Dynamic headphones.

Master & Dynamic is a new company that designs and develops their products in New York City. They are obsessed with sound and creativity. Their retro designs bridge the style gap that exists in the current headphone market. What I mean is, if your personal style is a bit more rugged or mature, certain headphones just don’t fit your look. These headphones have a cool vintage factor reminiscent of The Rocketeer.

Their flagship model is the MH40. It’s price of $399 is comparable to other models in it’s class, but in terms of style it has no peer. Master and Dynamic says they are designed to be “…modern thinking caps: tools to help focus, inspire, and transport your mind. Designed for decades of use, they are built with the finest materials and tuned to provide a rich, warm sound. They make an elegant yet everyday addition to your desk, studio or home.”

Available in 7 color choices, they feature stainless steel components with easily replaceable parts if needed. I picked up the silver metal/brown leather colorway because I wear a lot of leather with denim, but the black metal/black leather and the gunmetal/black leather are silky sleek and smooth.

45 mm custom neodymium high-performance drivers are the wheelhouse of their sound, which are encompassed by a forged aluminum body. They have a space-age video on their website that illustrates more about their construction process. Heavy duty copper woven cables ensure pure sound and reduced noise while the mute button allows for instant silence. Each comes with two cords, one with an integrated microphone and remote for your smartphone. They also include a canvas carrying pouch perfect for travel.

It’s all in the details with Master and Dynamic. The most stylish feature for me is the heavy grain premium cowhide on the headband exterior and ear cup insets with super soft lambskin on headband interior. The lambskin continues on the memory foam ear pads, which are removable and replaceable.

Sound and substance trump style. From the second I put them on I was transported to another place. I felt like I was in a concert hall as they delivered an unmatched quality and clarity that was brilliant, balanced, and bright.

The sound is vivid and well-tuned. They aren’t noise cancelling headphones but I couldn’t hear much from the outside world, even on very low volumes. I don’t think I will ever go back to in-ear headphones. Bottom line: They sound as good as they look.

At 12.7 oz. these are heavier than most headphones in their class but their weight is the hallmark of a sturdily built product. They’re made of strong materials, rather than cheap plastic on other popular headphones.


Master & Dynamic also offers a smaller version called the MH30, designed to be fold-able and more mobile ($329) while the MW60 is a step-up Bluetooth wireless model for those that require the ultimate in sophistication and freedom ($549). Shipping is free and so are returns.


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Eric Bandholz, Founder