Men’s Bags

Every guy needs a signature bag. I’m not talking about a man-bag or man-purse; I’m talking about a must-have piece to carry your essentials. Bags aren’t just for women anymore. You rock a killer beard, look all fly, why slack on the accessories? Whether you’re a frequent traveler, businessman, or just an everyday guy – you need something timeless, durable and cool to carry your most valued possessions. Here are the bag options a man should have and what they are best used for:

The Backpack


No, not the backpack that you carried around during college; we’re talking about a grown up version.  It’s time for something that you can fit more than just your schoolbooks. This wool daypack has enough space to carry everything you need for the entire day. It features full leather shoulder straps, magnetic clasps and drawstring for quick access, and a padded laptop sleeve inside. (Win this bag! See the contest box at the end of this article.)

The Jeffrey Daypack by Amōs, $179

The Rucksack

This is your ultimate travel companion. Whether you’re on the road, out exploring, or just need a daily pack; this is your go-to. The roll top allows you to size the bag to your needs. It’s also great for traveling because you can pack a weekend’s worth of gear into it.

The Explorer Rucksack by Amōs, $295

The Satchel

Not every guy can pull this one off, but this bag is perfect for daily use while commuting around town. Pack your iPad, laptop or other essentials in this bag and throw it around your shoulder and go. Ideal for dudes who only carry a few items.

Satchel Bag by Amōs, $210

The Briefcase

Everyone carries a laptop or tablet these days. Give your valuables some protection in style. It doesn’t have to be used strictly for business, but it will heighten your business attire game dramatically. Imagine strolling into the office with this around your shoulder.

The Bruce Brief by Amōs, $495

The Overnight Bag

This bag incredibly versatile. The size and features make it perfect for packing all your gear you need for your overnight excursions or use it as a gym bag and you’ll be the most stylish guy in the locker room.

Oliver Overnight Bag by Amōs, $449

The Travel Bag

If you only have enough money in your budget for one bag, this is the one to get. It’s versatile in that you can use it as an overnight bag or for a weekend getaway. It’s also carry-on size and easy on the eyes. (Win this bag! See the contest box at the end of this article.)

Oscar Travel Bag by Amōs, $495

The Dopp Kit

Also known as a shave kit, travel kit, or toiletry bag. Every beardsman needs one. Even if you rock a beard and don’t shave (although you should still groom it) you need a small bag for your beard oils, scissors, deodorant, cologne, toothbrush, pomade, etc.  (Win this bag! See the contest box at the end of this article.)

DOPP Kit by Amōs, $69

Contest Alert!

We are giving away some incredible bags! From now until the end of January 9th, 2015 you can enter to win one of 3 bags from Amōs. That’s close to $750 worth of swag. 3 lucky winners will be announced on January 10th, 2015. Good luck!

Amōs Bag Competition

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About the Author

Kyle Bardouche is a bearded husband, father to two canines, and soon to be father of a human baby. He’s the founder of Amōs, a Colorado based bag & accessory company.



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