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No. 29 Leather Satchel by Stock & Barrel

When Parker Lichfield quit his job and founded Stock and Barrel Co in Ogden, Utah, he wanted to create a company whose handcrafted products epitomized the American Spirit. His products inspire a sense of adventure and rustic craftsmanship that command respect in the modern world. The No. 29 Satchel is unique and bold.

Available in two types of leather, the No. 29 is an instant classic most worthy of the investment. The ‘Old World’ Satchel has a light and natural leather, and the ‘Redford’ model has a dark and distinguished character.

Stock and Barrel calls this “A classic, rugged satchel for your daily carry.” Made of 9-10 ounce ‘Hermann Oak’ harness leather, it features heavy duty nickel hardware and solid copper rivets. “Leather is drum stuffed with heavy tallow for exceptional weather wear and durability in the field.”



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