No Shave November

Welcome to our favorite time of the year: the leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and men around the world are putting down their razors to support a number of great causes. For many of you, this month might be the first you’ve attempted to grow a real beard and for that, we welcome you with open arms and hairy chins. However, just like walking in space for the first time or leading your first bison drive, there are certain things to keep in mind as you begin this journey of self discovery and personal discipline. For your own sake, along with those of any special people in your lives, let’s talk about what you have to look forward to as you join our bearded ranks:

1. Please Be Patient

Beards aren’t grown in a day. End of story. You might hope that you’ll wake up tomorrow morning and resemble a young Al Borlin, but that’s as likely to happen as your future beard housing a bird’s nest as they migrate south for the winter (note – this doesn’t actually happen, much. We promise.). It’ll take a few days to show any signs of your efforts and a few weeks until you can even begin to consider your newfound follicular growth anything beyond stubble, but he who is patient will enjoy the spoils of his own hairy bounty in no time.

2. Your Face Will Itch

The number one question most beardsmen are asked (after, “are you related to Zeus?” of course) always deals with the inevitable query of itchiness. The honest truth? Yes, your face will itch. For a few days you’ll feel as though you’re slowly taking on some of the traits of man’s best friend, but like most of the early goings of bearded-dom, it too shall pass. The best way to get past the itchiness phase? Well, we’re so glad you asked.

3. Keep It Clean

Just like hair on any part of your body, your beard must be washed and kept clean to be enjoyed to the fullest. Aside from the normal elements any hair has to deal with, your beard is exposed to both food and beverages as well, two things that can affect the scent and, yes, taste of your beard (note – beards should not have a taste. At all.). Make cleaning your new beard part of your daily routine in the shower, might we suggest with Cedar Beard & Shave Soap, and you’ll be all set for the inevitable rubs and frisks that you’ll receive from intrigued onlookers. Keep in mind that washing everyday without applying a conditioner like beard oil can actually dry out and make your skin itchy as well. For best results, stick to a softer, more natural soap and always follow up with a conditioning product.

4. Keep It Groomed

You might think that all it takes to rock a killer beard is to stop shaving and have patience, but you my unenlightened friend would be wrong. After enough time your face will become covered in a light layer of hair, most likely stretching from your cheekbones down to your upper neck, and at this point it’s time to carve out the best individual beard for you. A few simple suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Chinstraps are only cool when they’re attached to a helmet.
  • Beards shouldn’t stop at your jaw line, regardless of what pro-athletes think.
  • Although everyone’s face is different, ideally your groomed beard should stop about an inch from your Adam’s Apple, give or take.
  • After you’ve trimmed your man mane up, do yourself, and anyone else who gets close to you, a favor and apply a little Tree Ranger Beard Oil to your beard.

5. Enjoy The Ride

Congratulations dear lad, you’ve made it. You’ve climbed a metaphorical mountain. Made it to the finish line of your dreams. You’re now a beardsman and the reception may surprise you. As someone who might not don a beard, your friends, and sometimes complete strangers, will want to touch, smell, and embrace your new furry face at levels you might not have expected. Your peers will treat you differently and strangers will greet you in a different light. Why? Well, everyone has their particular reasons, but above all else it’s because they know that you’ve left the former you behind and embraced the beardsman within. Well done.


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