Otis & Eleanor Bamboo Bongo Oslo Speaker

Who would have thought a Bluetooth-controlled speaker made from bamboo could not only look bad-ass but sound amazing?

“It’s a powerful little speaker, and I’ve only had the charge it twice in almost a year. It’s a very simple, great sounding speaker and it’s crazy how much I find myself using it,” says Jeff Buoncristiano.

The Otis & Eleanor speaker is part of Buoncristiano’s curated collection for Urban Beardsman, and it is one of the most unique pieces featured in the shop.

The light grain bamboo shell, black rings, vintage herringbone speaker covers, and silver hardware make this little monster sharp and stylish. And to top it all off, it’s small and portable. At only 6.5″ wide and 2.6″ tall, the Oslo can be easily tossed into a gym or beach bag and taken with you wherever you want to go.


“As a minimalist I initially felt like, ‘I don’t know if I really need this,’ and I thought about selling it at first,” says Buoncristiano.

“But I kept using it and I found myself reaching for it two or three times a day. I’d turn it on when I was cleaning the house or going to the beach, and now I use that thing all the time.”

It makes sense – Otis & Eleanor is a company founded by travelers for travelers. Their aim is to put their focus into building high quality products that will make the journeys with the user and be there for every step along the way from destination to destination.

With a 30 foot range and up to 15 hours of juice before needing a charge, the Oslo bamboo speaker is a must-have piece to make sure that the soundtrack of your day is there for every step you take.

To get your Otis & Eleanor Bamboo Bongo Oslo Speaker, visit the store now!


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