QP Collections: Slim Leather Wallet

A wallet designed for the most minimalist of men. The QP Collections Wallet was crafted to carry only the essentials, in the most comfortable and stylish way possible. Dark brown, quality leather gives you the versatility needed to carry this wallet with any outfit.

Minimalist is used in the literal sense when describing the paper thin design of the QP wallet. Measuring in at a whopping 6″ X 4″, this wallet is equipped with two card slots for your ID and primary transaction card. There are two larger pockets within the wallet that are intended for cash and other miscellaneous items.

The stitching in the wallet is big and bold, making the accessory visibly unique.

Company founder, Quinn Peterson says it all started when he was a young kid living at home. He has always had a narrow frame, and claims it was difficult finding clothing that fit him properly. This is when he decided to take the matter into his own hands.

His mother didn’t know how to sew, so Quinn took it upon himself to learn how to alter his own clothing to make it a bit more form fitting.

It didn’t take long for him to master the craftsmanship of the sewing machine. He soon began making his own ties with unique designs. In no time people began to show interest in the ties, and Quinn decided to start taking orders.

Soon after, Quinn expanded the company into leather works after taking an interest in making shoes. Now he has a full blown online store stocked with custom made ties, shirts, hats, and leather goods.

Head on over to Jeff’s collection to get yours before the holiday season is over!


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