Quip Electronic Toothbrush

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Give me a pair of boots, a cool weekender bag, or a bad-ass leather jacket and I’ll give you a product review worthy of any magazine. So you can imagine my initial lack of excitement when I was first asked to review a new electronic toothbrush. And besides, I already have a Sonicare Toothbrush that I love and am devoted to. Then I met Quip and my oral care world was turned upside down, and for the better.

Arriving in the mail, the Quip came a sleek silver foil package. My attention piqued as I quickly opened it up to see what was inside, taking out a skinny gold toothbrush, extra brush head, and Quip’s very own minty toothpaste. The adrenaline running inside me was similar to what I experience when visiting the Apple Store … I don’t always know exactly what I’m looking at, but for some unknown reason I have to have it. And if Quip was to be compared to the most recent Macbook Air, then the Sonicare Toothbrush that was sitting on my bathroom shelf was starting to look more like a stone tablet from prehistoric times.


Quip is the real deal. They cut out the excessive features and design bullshit that plague the dental tool industry and give you an oral health device that does what it needs to do, and looks damn good while doing it. The vibrating soft bristle brush head gives each tooth a gentle cleaning, and an aluminum handle that can endure a lifetime of cleaning.

The sleek and simple design is also a reflection of Quip’s overall mission: To show the world that less is more when it comes to dental care and that a toothbrush doesn’t need to be complex to get the job done. All too often we think things are better when they are bigger, flashier, or have more features, but Quip explains why this isn’t always the case and backs it up with blatant truth. “The real secret to great oral health is good technique, consistent routine and regular upkeep,” Quip’s site reads. “So Quip was designed to guide these good habits, by using good design, not gimmicks.” They are a company that goes beyond the product and want to have a lasting impact on the oral health of their customers (and the dental industry for that matter). I appreciate companies that really care about their community and are not simply focused on pushing products.

One of the biggest perks is that you no longer need to scour the internet or find a store that carries replacement brush heads. Quip offers a subscription service, and every three months they will deliver a replacement head for the nominal fee of $5 – a fraction of what other brands charge for replacement heads. They also offer a subscription service for their own mint toothpaste, but my gut tells me I’d either stockpile paste or run out if I signed up, so that service isn’t for me.


So you now know that it works and is affordable and convenient, but let’s address the most important benefit in my book. It looks damn cool in your bathroom. It’s battery operated, so no need for another plug-in being hijacked and a goofy looking charging station that is always getting yanked off the shelf. Quip comes with a crazy cool holder that magically, and I literally mean magically, suctions to any surface. I attached mine to the mirror, and not only does it look awesome but is a great reminder to brush those chompers twice a day.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Quip may be the only toothbrush for which you will ever hear the words “cool,” “sexy,” “affordable,” and “badass” as descriptors. At first I felt like I was cheating on my Sonicare, but now I realize that it’s time to replace this goofy outlet hogging appliance with a newer sexier model. Damn you Quip. How is it possible that an electronic toothbrush makes me feel so clean and dirty at the same time?

Find out more about Quip and get your own electronic toothbrush by signing up here.


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