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People have been camping in tents since the beginning of time. Greek and Roman armies were tent masters, using animal hides to create their tent cities. Canvas tents emerged in America for military use, but it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that recreational camping caught on.

In 1908 Thomas Hiram Holding wrote The Camper’s Handbook. Holding is still known today as the “Father of Modern Camping” and wrote: “Camping, I contend, is the oldest subject, for it interested even primeval man…It teaches his no small measure of self-reliance…It adds to his physical activity, and therefore lends to the lengthening of his life…It revives his taste and love of the country.” Get back to nature this summer with the REI Kingdom Series Tents.


REI offers the Kingdom Series camping tents in three models: The Kingdom 4, Kingdom 6, and Kingdom 8. Each number designates how many people can sleep comfortably in the tent. Each model offers an attractive color scheme of sage, platinum, and orange.

At 8, 10, and 12 feet of floor space respectively, this tent is a palace and measures over 6 feet at its peak. We like that there is a center divider that can be used to create two private rooms. The front room is more screened and airy and the rear room is full fabric and bug-proof mesh for privacy, comfort, and ventilation. The center divider can be opened up to create one large space.


The rainfly offers full coverage, versus one that only covers the roof. The sides of the rainfly roll up or back and secure open for ventilation and views. Each tent comes with two end doors and one pull-out vestibule (think of it as a covered awning for your gear) and weighs around 20 pounds. It all packs conveniently in a backpack carry system that allows your hands to be free for other items.

The seam-sealed polyester fly is waterproof, durable, and sag-free. Seam-sealed cut-in floor creates a taut pitch and waterproof protection as well. Consider an add-on footprint cover ($44.50-59-50) to protect the floor from wear and tear. REI’s super cool Connect Tech zipper attachments allow you to add more living space or storage. There are a ton of mesh side pockets and hang loops throughout to to provide plenty of internal storage options.


Not sure where to take your new tent? There are 6,624 State Parks in the United States and 59 National Parks. Camping fees range from $10-30 per night. Beards may last a lifetime, but summer is short. Get out there and enjoy it with the Kingdom Series of camping tents from REI.


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