So You Think Eating With a Beard is Difficult?

Some beardsman dread mealtime. Let’s face it, ending breakfast with egg particles and flecks of toast in your beard isn’t the most appealing idea, but it’s an unavoidable part of sporting a killer beard. To be honest though, smelling bacon on your face for a few hours after a meal is kind of intoxicating. However, there are some beardsman who don’t flinch at the idea of getting food in their facial hair. In fact, they revel in it. And sometimes they create entire websites based around showing off the fact that food ends up lodged in their beard.

Cue Adam Moran, a UK-based competitive eater, beardsman, and proprietor of the website Beard Meats Food. The mission is simple – Moran seeks to entertain his viewers and readers by taking on food challenges across the UK armed with only a fork and his bushy beard. Moran has taken on a slew of eating challenges including scarfing down an entire pig’s head, and eating six pounds of fully loaded burgers, onion rings and fries in under an hour.

For that last feat, he was rewarded with a couple vouchers, a bumper sticker, and a t-shirt from the eatery. I would have settled for a victory stomach pump, personally.

Impressive as Moran’s eating challenges are, his latest tops them all, and has managed to land him a world record in the process.

In August, Moran decided to take on the task of hammering down 25 Big Macs in less than an hour. Which is about 24.5 more than I am able to eat in a year, so kudos to you Moran for not vomiting all over your beard at the mere thought of this challenge. reported that Moran was pitched this idea by his readers, and promptly purchased 25 Big Macs and set to the task of eating every last one of them at his home in Leeds. According to reports, he pounded 15 burgers in the first 35 minutes, which is approximately a burger every two minutes, or six potential heart attacks every 30 seconds.

It was around this time that Moran started to slow his pace, with Mirror reporting that “despite washing the burgers down with water and ice cream” he could only manage two more, and ended the challenge at 17 Big Macs.

I don’t know if there is a more disgusting sentence imaginable than “Hey can you guys get me a glass of ice cream to wash down these 17 Big Macs?”

Despite not finishing all 25 burgers, Moran’s 17 burger total (which adds up to nearly 10,000 calories, by the way) still managed to snag him a world record, recognized by Moran was quoted as saying that a short time into the challenge, it became “exponentially less enjoyable with every bite.”

I think that about sums up most people’s feelings on McDonald’s food.

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