Summer Shoes Every Man Needs

Getting dressed in the summer should be simple. When the sun is high and the weather is warm it can be easy to come up with numerous combinations of shorts, tee shirts, short-sleeve button ups, etc. However, the part that can sometimes be confusing is what to wear on your feet. Please don’t begin the summer under the notion that flip flops are an acceptable shoe selection for all occasions. Because they’re not. It’s time to grow up and put these more stylish options to the test this summer.

The Sneaker

This summer may quite possibly be the summer of the sneaker. Yes, sneakers have and probably always will have a place in a man’s wardrobe, but now more than ever sneakers have become a respectable style choice for a man. And to get more specific, white sneakers are a must-have for any stylish man this summer. The best part about this specific piece of footwear is that you can pick up some amazing white sneakers for a reasonable price (under $100) from brands with some serious history. Brands like Adidas, Tretorn, Vans, Sperry, Nike, and Jack Purcell all have options that are equally comfortable and stylish.

The Double Monkstraps

Double monkstraps are by no means strictly a warm-weather shoe. They make a great year-round shoe because they can be worn just like any other dress shoe: with suits, jeans, the possibilities are endless. However, double monkstraps are unique and are sometimes perceived as shoe for the sartorially advanced so if you rock a pair you’re already winning the style battle. They are the perfect formal summer footwear option. Whether it’s a graduation ceremony or a BBQ, the double monkstrap does double duty for any dapper dude. For one, you can pull double monkstraps off with shorts—there’s something about their sleeker shape and the lack of laces that works well with shorts and bare legs. Second, they’re a great summer wedding shoe. Again, their lack of laces allows for a care-free night of dancing without the worry of having to tie your shoelaces.

The Wingtip

Again, not a summer specific piece of footwear but wingtips are a great wear-to-work or night out shoe. Just as the boot reigns supreme over cold and rainy nights, the wingtip rules the night when the days are long. If you’re looking for a new pair of wingtips this summer try one that is a little trendier and has an athletic sole and footbed. I’ve got a pair from Hillsboro and love the selection from Cole Haan. They are usually lighter so they work perfectly for the summer.

The Sandal

Come on, you didn’t think I would tell you that you could never wear flip flops and not provide at least one reasonable alternative did you? Here’s the thing with sandals: you can’t properly enjoy summer without them. However, there are stylish alternatives to the flip flop. Slide sandals, like the sneaker, have seen a huge welcome back to the fashion world. Whether you opt for a funky Birkenstock or an even funkier Adidas pool slide, the slide sandal is a perfectly stylish piece of summer footwear. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is on point so you can prove all the haters wrong.

No Show Socks & Foot Powder

While they aren’t actually footwear, they are essential to being able to rock any of these summer footwear choices, aside from the sandals of course. No show socks and the appropriate foot powder (my favorite is made by Gold Bond) are imperative to being able to effortlessly pull off the sneaker, monkstrap, wingtip, and really whatever piece of footwear you choose to run around in this summer. No show socks, while invisible to everyone else, protect your foot from any seaming inside the shoe and can protect your ankles from rubbing against the sides of your shoes. If you choose the sockless route, I would definitely recommend the foot powder to keep your feet dry and protect your shoe from inevitable foot sweat.

Don’t let summer footwear get you confused, you’ve got plenty of options. And, if you find yourself going to the beach and you wear a flip flop it wouldn’t be completely unacceptable. Just remember that you had a choice.



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