Team Beardbrand: Colin Cook

—Parker Mallouf
Team Beardbrand: Colin Cook

Outside of the Beardbrand website and social media accounts, we have a kickass team of select beardsmen who help spread the word of the Beardbrand community. These social influencers come from all around the world, a variety of backgrounds, and each have a unique story to tell.

From athletes to entertainers, Team Beardbrand is a group of men that that bring diversity to our community. They support the overlapping idea that no matter your background or professional life, beardsmen are not restricted to a pre-determined occupation or lifestyle. Rather, sporting a beard opens the door to a world of opportunities.

We have decided to start a campaign of introducing our Team Bearbrand members to the Beardbrand community. The idea was sparked when a member of the team informed us he had recently relocated to Austin, Tx.

We immediately invited him into the Beardbrand office to learn a bit more about him. Since he now lives in our city, you will probably be seeing him more through our other outlets.

Colin Emerson Cook

I would like to introduce you to Colin Cook! Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Colin spent the majority of his time growing up in Seattle, WA. Driven by adventure, nothing motivates Colin like trying new things and exploring new places. 

He discovered he can do both of these things as a traveling bartender. In fact, Colin has made it a goal to move to a different city once a year. He loves experiencing different parts of the country. Being a bartender, he also gets to hangout with the locals regularly. He says it's the best way to understand the vibe of the city. 

I asked Colin how he initially got inspired to grow a beard, and how long he's been sporting his wicked face forest. His response was nothing short of awesome. 

"I can't remember the last time I haven't had a beard. I started growing my first beard when I still was in high school. I noticed I was getting a lot of complements from the girls in my classes, so I thought their was no need to stop growing it haha." What better reason to decide to grow your beard out? 

Since then he's always sported some form or fashion of a beard, and has no plans to step out of the bearded lifestyle. 

Colin was initially contacted by our collaboration manager Carlos Costa. Colin has a solid following on social media. Carlos added that Colin's sarcastic sense of humor in combination with his stellar beard would make for a great addition to Team Beardbrand.

In the last part of our conversation, I asked Colin what his favorite Beardbrand product was. 

Colin went on to say, "My favorite Oil is the Temple Smoke. It has the perfect sent that has a subtle linger to it throughout the day. Keeps my beard looking and smelling fantastic. I also love all the utility balms. I use it in my beard, and also when I get out of the shower I put a little on my tattoos for a more vibrant color, and helps with my dry skin. Since I'm bold, I also use it on my head everyday after I get out of the shower as well. It's a perfect balm for pretty much anything you can think of."

Make sure to follow Colin on Instagram (@ColinEmerson_), he's sure to get a laugh out of you. Also, keep your eyes and ears open for him, as he'll be in and out of our office in the near future. 

Hope you all will enjoy getting to know the rest of our awesome Team Beardbrand members! 

-Parker Mallouf


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