The Best Way to Style Your Mustache With Wax

—Parker Mallouf

You're almost done with your morning routine. You've successfully dressed yourself and hopped in and out of the shower. Now it's time to style that wicked gnarly stache of yours before you storm out to take on the day.

Luckily, Eric is here to show you how to painlessly style that 'stache with some awesome Beardbrand mustache wax. After towel drying your mustache, scrape off some wax with the back of your fingernail. Rub the wax thoroughly between your fingers to heat and soften it. 

You can then start applying it liberally to your stache in a steady, repetitive motion. The wax will give you a soft, medium strength hold. If you're wanting to achieve a tight handlebar style, you'll probably need to follow up with a high hold hairspray to really lock it in place. 

Finally, grab your blow dryer and your mustache comb, and brush the 'stache in the direction you want it to flow. 


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