The Modern Man’s Take On Jewelry

Clothing and footwear are integral to not only getting dressed but to developing your personal style. But equally important is the addition of accessories. I’m talking, ties, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. You might be thinking, jewelry?! Yes, jewelry. You’re most likely a jewelry fanatic and you don’t even know it. Jewelry can mean a multitude of things. It could mean everything from bracelets and rings to tie clips and cufflinks. And in that sense you should embrace jewelry as a modern man’s style staple.

What all guys think of when someone says the word jewelry are things like necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Typical office dress code doesn’t usually accommodate a lot of room for jewelry. You might be able to get away with a leather bracelet or a necklace under your shirt but for the most part these pieces should be reserved for more casual settings. I really like when these types of pieces have a personal story behind it because, let’s face it, you’re going to get the inevitable question or comment about them. I wear a wedding band and when I get comments on it it’s usually followed by a question regarding my wife, wedding, marriage, etc. I love when men wear pieces that have history and hold personal sentiment to them. A necklace with a memento from a deceased grandparent, or a ring from their father. Those types of pieces are great to share with the world and are a great way to start a conversation.

If you want to rock a piece of jewelry but don’t have a cool story to go with it, that’s okay too. Just make sure it’s nothing too flashy and keep it understated. Some of my favorite options are leather or rope braided bracelets. They are comfortable which makes them a great first piece of jewelry; they wear in nicely and don’t draw too much attention. Anything from Miansai (above right) is great—it’s classic and simple so you will have it for years (and then it will have history so that’s good). Another option for any stylish man is anything from Giles & Brother (above left). Their solid, quality pieces always have an American feel that is super authentic and genuine.


A less complicated way to incorporate jewelry into your wardrobe is to go with pieces like cufflinks, tie bars, and lapel pins. These types of jewelry pieces can add a ton of personality without a lot of effort. It’s simple, when you throw on a tie, add a tie bar. Start by picking up a classic sterling silver tie bar and then explore some more non-traditional options, like one made of wood or even a fun shape like an arrow or anchor. Cufflinks are where you can class up any outfit. They come in a multitude of materials and there’s something for everybody, but I personally like to keep it simple and straightforward. Opt for something metallic) and it will add an effortless elegance to any look. They provide a little personality without being too showy. Same goes for lapel pins, either go bright with a flower (below left) or opt for a stylish metallic stud (below right).

See? Lesson learned. There’s no reason to fear jewelry. It is a great way to show more of your personal style and there are a thousand different ways to give it a try.


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