The Ultimate Guide to Beard Trimmers & Hair Clippers

You've gone to multiple barbers, hairdressers, or even had different friends cut your hair for you. You've probably cut your own beard with different trimmers or had barbers use different ones as well. Today I'm gonna go through several different beard trimmers and hair clippers to give to a good idea of the pros and cons of each of them. I combed through different reviews on different online shops to get y'all the best possible view from both sides. Anyway, let's start with beard trimmers.

Beard Trimmers

1. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100

Have you ever want to wield a laser in the palm of your hand? Well, that's possible with this trimmer. It doesn't use the laser to trim your beard (how cool would that be!), but rather uses it as a guide to tell you where you're going. The laser is also a "Class 1" which means it won't damage your eyes if your hand slips at some point.

Let's just talk about the settings for a second. There are 17 DIFFERENT LENGTHS to choose from! It even has a little LED screen to let you know how short or long you're going to trim your beard. The company even boasts it has precision up to 0.2mm. You can't even measure that with your fingers!

The blades are self-sharpening, so they never need maintenance. It's also one of the easiest trimmers to clean. You just have to run it under some water and it gets all your hair out of there. The average battery life is about an hour, and it even comes with a detail comb and a beard comb.

Some of the older features have been replaced by the laser guide. The head of the trimmer doesn't move easily with your movements, so you have to correct your hand every time your face changes angles, but it's pretty easy to learn how to manipulate it the way you need to.

2. Wahl All-In-One

The ultimate trimming machine without all the bells and whistles from the previous entry. It has one of the most powerful motors on the market, providing twice the torque. This'll help for any thick patches you have. But, it'll also let you move through any type of beard without having to trim them later.

You can get a full three hours on a single 60-minute charge (not that you would take three hours to trim your beard, but you never know). Some of the cons are that it's not as convenient as the Philips and the trimming detail isn't as precise. There aren't as many length options, coming in at about 6 difference choices. But it does come with three combs; stubble, medium, and full; trimmer blade; detail blade; precision T-blade; and dual shaver blade. That's a lot of attachments! This may be great for professional stylists or super perfectionists. It can be a bit overwhelming to see so many different things to use when just trying to trim your fly always.

3. Andis T-Outliner

Use what you see in a lot of our videos! Right off the bat, it does have a cord. That might be a deal-breaker for you, but it's actually pretty easy to maneuver around/with. Another draw back is that you can't use it at as a wet shaver. On the plus side, it's got a slightly curved blade, so it'll trim what you want without leaving bumps or ingrown hairs.

There's no adjustable setting built into the device itself, but, just like your barber, you can switch it out with the guard of your choice. It includes sizes 0-3. That's not much room to wiggle with, but you can always freehand it with no guard if you're feeling confident. It's a magnetic rotor, so the power might be a little less than what you are used to, but much more durable!

Getting used to the cord and figuring out how to maneuver it might take some time to get used to, but it's well worth it. When fuller powered up, it's much quieter than most other trimmers on the market. That means you can trim your beard at all hours without fear of waking your parter, roommates, or neighbor.

Hair Clippers

Sometimes it's much easier to cut your hair at home than schedule time out of your day to go get a haircut. Or maybe you just have a cut that's super easy to maintain and don't to pay someone else to do it. Well, whether you want to start over completely, or just clean up the style you have. I'm gonna use the same methods I used to find some great beard trimmers, to find some great hair clippers for y'all. Strap in, here we go.

1. Oster Classic 76

Let's get right into the pros of these clippers. The temperature was something everyone was raving about. No matter how long you use it, they remain cool to the touch. Things may heat up slightly, but it'll never burn you. The motor is strong, and will help you cut through even the thickest kind of hair. The whole thing is replaceable, so you don't have to worry about if one part stops working you can just replace it.

Here are the cons though. It gets a bit loud, like really loud. The clippers are pretty big, and some consider them heavier than other clippers on the market. It only includes two blades, and a new one will run you about $15-20 a pop. There's also not a lever, so blade changing is the only way to get a different trim. It'll take a bit to master, but the end result looks great.

2. Andis Master Clippers

Keywords here from the reviews and results: quiet, precise, powerful. If these don't scream as something you'd highly benefit from, then I don't know what would. Most other reviews also said these are great to use at home.

As an object, these clippers can get pretty heavy in your hand, and heats up the more you use it. There's a cord you need to plug in to use it, but the blades are adjustable, so you don't need to buy as many guards.

3. Remmington Vaccum Haircut

Perfect for when you're lazy and don't want to clean up a mess later. These clippers have a small built-in vacuum to suck up all the hair you cut off. It has 18 different accessories, like scissors, combs, and guards. While it doesn't compare well with pro-clippers, it's still a great option to use when cutting your own hair. There are some reviews that say the vacuum could be a little stronger and question how effective it really is, but it still makes cleanup much easier than it would be without it.

Whether you want to cut your own hair, or just want to trim up your beard, you're now armed with some of the top choices for both. These are just are just the reviews that I found about the products, so if you're thinking about grabbing one for your own, be sure to grab your own research as well.

Good luck, and happy trimming!


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