The Ultimate Outfit Guide Based on the Color of Your Beard

You have probably asked yourself at one point or another, “What should I wear to highlight my beard?” or “How do I style myself if my beard looks a certain way?”. Look no further than this article right here, because today I will guide you along the journey of styling yourself based on your beard. I’ll go into clothing colors and styles based on the color of your beard as well as the basic size. It can mainly be divided up into a few categories: brunette beards, blonde beards, ginger & lighter beards, and grey beards. Those can then be divided into large beards and small beards. A key thing to remember is to treat your beard as part of your outfit. Taking the color and size of your beard into account is just as important as the color of your shoes. It may not be as easy to take on and off, but it’s just as important in considering how to match your clothes. Alright, let’s get started.

Brunette Beards

We’ll begin with brunette beards, or brown hair if that makes more sense. Since your beard is a darker color, you’ll want to focus on high contrast outfits. Use darker jeans, or shorts, and a lighter top to really make your beard the highlight of your ensemble. There’s more to this than just knowledge of the color wheel, just as your outfit is more than the sum of its parts. To take it to the next level add some texture to your outfit and experiment with patterns that have subtle notes of each other, like black corduroy pants, dark shoes, and white shirt with black stripes. This will really help bring focus to your beard as well as your outfit itself. This type of beard is the one most associated with the lumberjack look. You can’t go wrong with a flannel, white t-shirt, and clean jeans.

Blonde Beards

On to the blondes. For beards like this, you’ll want to focus on darker shades, using the shadows of your outfit to bring out the highlights in your beard. You’ll want to stay away from articles of clothing that are yellow-ish. It’ll bring too much attention to the color itself and be overbearing, and nobody wants that. Rules are meant to be broken though, so something small like socks or a pocket square might be the last pop of color you need to give you a boost of attention. It may seem a little daunting to be associated with at first, but blonde beards are commonly associated with a minimalist lifestyle. Simple and basic colors are your friend, particularly darker clothes to highlight your natural blonde hairs. But hey, black is slimming, right? So it all works out in the end.

Ginger Beards

Ginger beards and lighter are harder to come by, but still important to mention when considering how to dress based on your beard. These can a bit harder to dress around, but well worth the effort. Whether you are a full blown ginger like me, or somewhere else on the spectrum between ginger and auburn, you’ll be sure to grab a lot of attention. Green can be a bit hit or miss. It complements red very well, but it's easy to go overboard and look like Christmas. Blue should always be your first choice, it really makes the colors of your beard pop. On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll want to avoid the color red. It’ll make you look too much like a tomato and highlight how rosy your complexion may be. Denim on Denim is one the best looks you can rock with ginger hair. It can be worn many ways, comes in several different shades, and already matches well with itself. Just throw on a grey t-shirt, a light denim shirt or jacket, and you’re good to go. Don’t worry though, you’re not confined to just blue. Wearing browns, yellow or mustard, and even maroon are options that can highlight your beard no matter where on the spectrum it lands.

Grey Beards

Last, but not least, the greys. Just because you’re starting to grey, or willingly dye it that color, doesn’t mean colors are off limits for you. In fact, it’s the opposite that’s true. Grey hair comes across as elegant, smart, and sophisticated. The best thing you can do to take advantage of this is going to as many formal events as you can. A suit and tie, tuxedo, and even a button up, helps bring emphasis to your class and points people to look at your beard as well. Your wardrobe isn't limited to black tie event attire or sports coats. The possibilities are endless for you, as grey matches with pretty much everything. You can throw on almost any color clothes you have in your closet and you’ll damn fine doing it, just make sure everything matches before you go out in public though.

No matter what color hair or beard you have, you’ll want to keep it maintained at your desired shape. For larger beards you’ll want to wear wider lapels on you suit coat, chunky ties to match the lapel, and thick-framed glasses, all to complement the size and shape of your beard. Then for smaller ones you can wear narrow lapels, skinny ties, and thin glasses, to do the very same. There you have it, most beard colors (and general sizes) and how to make them pop with the right clothes, colors, and a few accessories mentioned above. Just a few tips to remember before I leave you to continue the rest of your day: use contrast, maintain your beard to the best of your ability (you don’t want people to think you haven’t at least trimmed since last “Movember”), texture is your friend, and please please please make sure your clothes match.


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