Top Five Style Mistakes Men Make

What's going on, Internet? Eric is here to give us his thoughts on some everyday style mistakes that men make. While Eric doesn't claim to be a fashion expert, he has made some common mistakes along the way that can help you hone your look with confidence.

1. Shopping Directly From The Sales Rack

Looking for great deals is fun, and we all love getting in on cool sales. Unfortunately, that takes away focus and intention from our looks. Going straight for the sales rack, rather than the rack of clothes from a brand you love, is causing you to miss out on clothes that really speak to you. Once you've gotten an understanding of what feels best, then you can scour those sales for the right pieces. 

2. Not Taking Risks


Taking purposeful risks in your style to see what works and what doesn't is going to help you evolve to the next level. It can be moving from finishing with Beard Oil to finishing with Styling Balm, or it can be trying to showcase a color you're normally intimidated by. This also helps you learn about what other options are out there for your style! In taking risks, you're definitely going to find brands and items that'll make you glad you did.

Of course - this isn't just about clothes. Try different beard styles and haircuts, too (everyone is curious about shaving their head, right?). 

3. Caring What Others Think of You

Odd One out

We all feel pressures in society to look and act a certain way - a lot of that pressure is self-inflicted. Separate yourself from the perception that you should care about what people think - most people actually aren't paying your looks any mind. We at Beardbrand want you to adopt the style that YOU feel comfortable with - whatever that style may be.

4. Buying Clothes that Don't Fit


It can take some time to find clothes that fit right for you. Sometimes this means that clothing for your body type may be more expensive - an unfortunate name of the game. Once you've identified the clothes you want and like, it'll be easier to search for them in sales and outlets. Don't be afraid to take some clothes to a tailor to make sure they're wearing the way they should wear. 

Remember - your style is about *your* comfort and fit. If you like tighter clothes, you're obviously going to be more comfortable in slim fit jeans than someone who prefers a baggy fit. 

5. Budgeting Improperly


You should definitely have a solid budget for your wardrobe, barbershop visits, and grooming products. This will help you plan your look and spend accordingly. It also constrains you - so you buy "with purpose" and only the right products. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully this was helpful! We know that we have some stylish viewers because you're investing in your products and apparel, so we'd love to hear from you on what your styling philosophy is. Leave a comment with any tips you've stuck with or anything that helped you find your look!







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