What Is An Urban Beardsman?

—Urban Beardsman

What is an “urban beardsman”? In today’s podcast episode, Eric and Clayton talk to special guest and Urban Beardsman Editor-In-Beard Currie Corbin about what that term really means.

Currie explains how in the past, beardsmen were sometimes viewed as lazy or unprofessional, but that as perceptions start to change, the goal of Beardbrand, Urban Beardsman Magazine, and urban beardsmen in general is to show to world that beardsmen can be goal-oriented, professional family-men.

Eric, Clayton, and Currie talk glitter beards, menswear, and the fashion consciousnesses that comes along with growing a beard. The guys also talk Urban Beardsman Magazine, our goals, and the future of the publication.

Listen to today’s episode to hear more about what it means to be a modern urban beardsman from Currie, Eric, and Clayton!


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