What is Beard Oil, And How is it Applied?

Parker Mallouf
What is Beard Oil, And How is it Applied?

If you keep up with any of the mainstream mens grooming and fashion journals like GQ, Mens Journal, Esquire, etc. you probably have heard about beard oil. In recent years, there has been a steady decline in sales of shaving paraphernalia. This can be credited to the rise in facial hair popularity throughout the world.

Beards historically have been labeled to working and lower class men. In the past, if you chose to sport a beard, you were probably assumed to be a lumberjack, coffee shop hipster, or leader of an underground biker gang. In the last couple years, this bigoted trend has been flipped upside down. 

Athletes were some of the first big name celebrities that were noticed for their stellar beards. Bryce Harper, James Harden, Adam Clayton, and Eric Weddle just to name a few. Red carpet actors like Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm, and Robert Pattinson have also been seen sporting some form of facial hair. The most distinguishable instances are beards in the white house. In 2014, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney walked into the briefing room with a short, full beard. This is the first time facial hair has been seen in Washington for many, many years. 

As a result of the drastic rise in popularity, both small and large companies have started to produce products that promote healthy beard growth. These products are not marketed to a specific type of bearded man, rather any guy that takes pride in a well-groomed beard. 

Many will agree that a beard makes a man stand-out in a crowd. Having a beard is often a sign of strength and/or wisdom. Grooming your beard to keep it soft, shiny, and smooth only compliments and strengthens these underlying assumptions. 

Beards are wild in nature. The hairs on your face are flat, rather than cylindrical like the hair on your head. This causes beard hair to naturally have tighter curls that tend to grow in different directions. Without proper attention to detail, and of course the right tools, your beard growth can easily begin to take away from your overall appearance.

Beard oil made its debut because of the need for a product that helps tame facial hair and makes it more pliable. This is exactly what beard oil does. 

You can think of beard oil as a leave-in conditioner for your beard and skin. Beard oil compounds are typically mixtures of jojoba, argan, and castor oil. Some beard oil producers put all natural fruit oil extracts into the mix like avocado and pomegranate.

When applied properly, beard oil will keep the skin under your beard properly moisturized so you won't experience the infamous beard dandruff. For first time growers, beard oil will also sooth the itch that comes along in the first few weeks of growth. 

Application is key when getting the maximum results from your beard oil. Beardbrand has a video explaining the step-by-step process of applying beard oil to a medium length beard. 

You will want to start with by applying the oil directly to the skin underneath your beard. The amount used is dependent on the length of your beard, and of course personal preference. Once you have a thin layer of oil moisturizing your skin, you can start to work the oil into the rest of your beard. For men with longer beards, it is recommended you use a comb to brush the oil through and avoid missing hairs. 

Regardless of the type of beard you are growing, or even want to grow, beard oil should be a necessity for all beardsmen. Growing a beard is a fun and rewarding experience. With beard oil, you are able to avoid many of the minor set backs of growing a beard like beardruff and itchiness. 

Head on over to the Beardbrand selection of premium beard oils to find the perfect fragrance for you. 




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  • Beard oil must be applied on wet or dry beard?

    Hélder Lomba on

  • Hey Mark!

    It’s not a bad idea to try washing your beard maybe one more time throughout the week. Beard oil twice a day should be sufficient. My recommendation is to wash it on Wednesday or Thursday and see if that helps the itch at all.

    Parker on

  • I wash my beard every Sunday and oil twice a day, in the morning and at night. I noticed that by Friday night my beard itches (under the chin only) and continues till I wash it again, should I start washing it twice a week or oil it more?

    mark kinslow on

  • What’s up Randy!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Although we love our gnarly big beards, we definitely try to include all types of facial hair in our articles and videos. Keep an eye our for more short beard related content.

    Beard on!

    Parker on

  • Ok, I have a shorrible full bears, Either in miss comments or articles for beards like mine, Or? While I have seen a few, there are not many of them? Grin Please don’t leave shorter beards out, Thanks, Randy

    Randy on

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