Which Beard Balm You Should Choose

Wil Mouradian

Eric is back for another episode with Beardbrand - this time to help you determine which of our balms is best for you.

While we've done breakdowns comparing our balms to our oils and our waxes, we've never broken down the difference between our two beard balms - Styling Balm and Utility Balm. They have very different functions and provide very different experiences for your beard, so it's our responsibility to make sure you have all the info you need to make the right choice.

Styling Balm

The Styling Balm is a styling product - it is meant to style, shape, and hold your hair and your beard. It's lightweight, and designed to give you a more natural hold. When dry, it tames your hair and beard without looking like product is in your hair.

Utility Balm

The Utility Balm is a conditioning product - it is meant to hydrate, not give you a strong hold. If you compare this product to our beard oil it does have a bit more hold, but that was not what it was designed to do.



We recommend picking between Utility Balm and Beard Oil, then pairing whichever you pick with the Styling Balm. Utility Balm and Beard Oil are both conditioning, hydrating items, so using both of them would be overkill for anyone.


Ingredient Information

The Utility Balm and the Beard Oil use moisturizing natural ingredients to give the most nourishing experience possible. The thing about natural ingredients, though - they're kinda finicky! Utility Balm changes its structure with heat and cooler temperatures, so sometimes the product may arrive a touch grainy. This is normal! Just smooth it in your hands for an extra second or two and apply as usual.

The Styling Balm uses a mixture of natural ingredients and "safe synthetics" - ingredients that aren't naturally derived, but still safe for everyday use. This allows the structure to be more stable, and gives the balm that hold you're looking for. 

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