Beardbrand is NOT sold on Amazon

—Eric Bandholz
Beardbrand is NOT sold on Amazon

First things first, you cannot order Beardbrand products on Amazon. If you see our products for sale on Amazon, it's either a counterfeit product, stolen goods, or an arbitrage play (they buy on or at Target and resell on Amazon). In all of those situations, you're gonna have a bad time.

As this company has grown, we've learned what we do and don’t do well. If it's not something we do well, we either make it better or cut it out. Long term customers will remember our Urban Beardsman shirts, our Solid Colognes, and the website. All those projects were things we thought would work well, but ended up being detrimental to the business.

Selling on Amazon has now been added to that list of unsuccessful projects.

I understand that it makes sense for a lot of companies to put their products on Amazon (and we were selling on there for a number of years), but we found as a premium retailer, we couldn't provide the right experience through Amazon. If you've ordered from Beardbrand before, you know there are some surprise elements in your order. You'll also notice that the packages are meticulously packed together to ensure your products arrive safe and sound.

Instead of adding complexities to our business with multiple online sales channels, we can now focus all that additional energy toward improving our own sales channel ( With our focus, we're going to be able to cut down our own shipping times, improve the packaging experience, and make sure the customer experience is beyond what is expected.

There are many plans set at Beardbrand, and we will continue to develop class leading products, as well as deliver a class leading experience. We found that Amazon slowed us down from delivering on that vision. While we want to be everything to everyone, we don't have unlimited resources; so instead we choose to focus on things we do best.

We are investing a lot into the future of this business and you'll see the fruits of that labor very soon. Thank you so much for your business and keep on growing!