Beard Care Bundle

Do you have a favorite line of scents? There are such amazing options with our very first line, the Silver Collection, and our premium Gold Collection, that it’s impossible to single out a favorite. I mean, you don’t have a favorite child either, do you? Each of our lines have 3 blends to choose from, so we've put a collection together for each line so you can switch things up when you want to or go with the flow of your mood. Whether you’re shopping for your own beard needs or for a gift for a loved one, we offer some pretty awesome beardsman pack options.

For our Silver Collection, you’ll find a variety of products here, some of which may already be your go-to scents. A beard care bundle contains one of each of the three scents of the Silver Collection—Tea Tree, Spiced Citrus, and Tree Ranger. Get our Mustache Wax, Styling Balm, Beard Oil, Utility Balm, and Sea Salt Spray. We also offer hair kits for each Silver Collection scent, which include our Shampoo, Conditioner, Sea Salt Spray, Styling Balm, and a Large Comb. The beard kits are a perfect complement to the hair kits, allowing you to fully clean up, moisturize, and style your head and facial hair like a true boss.

Our Gold Collection spares no expense with its premium blends, so they’re totally on the money when it comes to knockout scents. We offer beard care bundle choices for our Utility Bars, Beard Oil, Mustache Wax, Utility Balm, and Styling Balm. With these, you can get your beard, mustache, and hair looking right and feeling healthier than ever! With Temple Smoke, Old Money, and Four Vices, you just can’t go wrong.