Beardbrand is Independent & Bootstrapped

There are very few things that bring us greater joy than to tell how we are independent and bootstrapped. Every since our founding, we set out to be our own bosses and create a world to our vision – not one of bankers or VC funds.

Typically, the hot new companies have bank accounts of millions with growth at all costs as their strategy. We have a little different view.

Serve our customers at all costs.

It's funny that in today's age that concept is so foreign. Our goal is to build a sustainable business that will last for decades. Beardbrand is an extension of ourselves and to see it not deliver on it's promise would be heart breaking.

By focusing on customers first, that means we must develop amazing products that create repeat purchases, serve them as we'd serve our own mothers, and turn down opportunities that sacrifice the standards of the brand (even if they would help us grow).

Now, as a business you can't completely ignore the options of taking on debt or getting outside investment; however after exploring those options we realized outside interests were not in our best interest. It strongly violates one of our core values, Freedom, which we hold so dearly.

By being independent and bootstrapped, we have built a business that puts customers first, that focuses on financial sustainability, and can function with little drama.

With all that said, thank you for your support as we know you have choices with how you spend your money. It really does mean the world to us!

Keep on growing!

- Eric Bandholz, Founder

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