Beardsman's Box


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You are looking at one fine made box. We contracted with a woodsman to design and build this box specifically for Beardbrand and beard grooming products. You won't find this box anywhere else.

Each box is painstakingly cut and pieced together black walnut wood to form clean look. If you already have your own hair care products but nowhere to keep them - this box will be the perfect solution for you.

If you are interested in our grooming products, check out our Beardsman's kit, which uses this box. It'll save you a bit of money to kit it up.


Customer Reviews

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Must have

Sweet box. I love its elegance appearance.

A fine quality box, but does donuts on the shelf

I do really admire the Beardsman's box, from the fine quality wood as well as having plenty of space for my beard essentials. The only issue is with my box in particular, if I knock it on the shelf or try to open it, the box starts spinning, as if it is not fully flat at the bottom. I could just stick some grips on there and it would be fine, but worth a mention.

Hey Lee! Thanks so much for your notes on the Beardsman's Box. We hate to hear that this was your experience with this as we hold this product to the highest standard. If you'd like for us to replace this for you to see if a new box might work better for you, be sure to email us at [email protected]. We'd be happy to take care of you.
Great, but needs to be taller

I really like the box. It is well crafted and looks great anywhere. The problem is that it is not tall enough to store general beard items like the oils standing up. The lid won't close then. I see this problem was answered in a previous review about using the box for traveling, but to be honest this is the last thing I would use to store stuff in when traveling. I feel like it would easily break. If the reason it is shallow is for traveling, you guys should offer two different sizes then. Other then that it is a great box, but I am a little let down.

Beardsman’s box ROCKS!!!

So cool and nice piece to store all my beard stuff!!!


My girlfriend surprised me with this one day, knowing that I’ve been wanting it for months. This box is awesome, I currently have 3 oils, 1 Utility Balm, and still have half empty space left. Looks great on the shelf too. Definitely recommend.