10 Bearded Costumes for Halloween

Bearded Pirate
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The countdown to Halloween has started! You have either been planning your costume yearlong, or you’re scrambling at the last minute. If you fall into the later, don’t sweat it—as a beardsman you are one step ahead of the rest. While others are swarming to the local costume shop in search of the faux glue-on beard to complete their Abe Lincoln ensemble, you’ve got the real deal. Embrace it this year with a hair-raising bearded costume. We reached out to our friends at the Spokane Civic Theater for some bearded costume inspiration.

Wizard – You shall not pass … without turning heads in this enchanting wizard costume. This look can be easily accomplished by taking your bathrobe and magically accessorizing.

Viking – Want to take a ride in my longboat? It doesn’t get much more throwback than this. Any bearded costume that incorporates horns is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Look around your house for sheets, tablecloths, or curtains for a layered look.

Scotsman – Real men wear kilts. Ladies love a tartan, and they’ll swoon over your wicked awesome calves. If you don’t have the real deal, most thrift shops have a wide selection of plaid skirts that will get the job done.

Pirate – Man on the rum! Outshine all those Jack Sparrows with this take on Captain Morgan. Pirates refused to live under the confining rules and regulations of society, and what wench doesn’t like a bearded bad boy?

Musketeer – Beard for one and beard for all, united we stand divided we fall. Recruit two of your bearded brothers to join the team. Your graduation robe, that’s tucked in the back of your closet, is a perfect starting point.

Lumberjack –  As a beardsman, you’ve probably been accused of looking like one. Why not live up to the stereotype and be a lumberjack of all trades in this easy to make bearded costume? All that is needed: a flannel, jeans, and optional ax (that can double as a bottle opener).

Leprechaun – Get lucky this Halloween. Speaking in limericks and carrying a pot of gold is optional, but green beer is a requirement.

Game of Thrones – Game of Thrones-inspired costumes will guarantee that Halloween is a game you will NOT lose. Dying unexpectedly is a risk you’ll have to take.

Davy Crockett – You’ve already been called a mountain man by your mom and friends, now show them who’s the real King of the Wild Frontier.  Head to your local thrift shop … all you need is a suede fringe jacket and a raccoon hat.

Chuck Norris – There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard – there is only another fist. Kick some ass this Halloween as this bearded icon. Wear a vest or rip the sleeves off your favorite button-up, add a holster for good measure, and top with a cowboy hat.


A special thanks to: Miranda Larson and everyone at the Spokane Civic Theatre (www.spokanecivictheatre.com), costume stylist Kearney Paine of Little Shop of Rentals, photographer Heads and Tails Photo (http://headsandtailsphoto.com), and the bearded talent of Collin Hooper, AJ Anderson, Chris Wooley, Kade Marsh, Mat Moy, and Rick Taylor.



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