How to Rock Bold Socks

A beard is a bold statement. It defines personal style as much as any piece of clothing. Good style, however, doesn’t stop at the neck. Small changes can go a long way to impacting your overall appearance. Few changes are so easily wrought as the right pair of socks.

From sunny days with friends, important meetings with the boss, a night on the town and everywhere in between, the right pair of socks provides the final touch to any outfit. Floating between the hemline of your pants and the top of your shoe, socks peek out at the world, showing an attention to detail sure to attract admiring glances from those who matter. The key is picking the right pair. Herewith, three distinct combinations of socks, shoes, and pants, and why they work:

Rappers, rockers, bikers, and actors all have one thing in common: they look damned good in black. The first look channels a little bit of the rocker aesthetic by coupling a pair of leather jodhpurs, classic riding boots adopted by artists from The Beatles to Bob Dylan, with a slim pair of black jeans. These socks pull the black from the pants and shoes, and bring a fresh pop of white that serves to contrast and highlight the shoes and pants. A purely dark pair of socks would blur the line between pants and shoes. The patterned socks act as a frame, enhancing the buckle of the jodhpur and highlighting the crisp cuff on the denim. A little rock and roll is combined with a lot of city slicker. This is all black done in a sophisticated manner.

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Socks: Micro Mamba Black, Ace & Everett
Shoes: Sandro

These are not your father’s khakis. Cut slim and rolled up a little bit, these pants ground the patterns present throughout the outfit. The chunky blue New Balances compliment the purple in the socks and make a perfect combination for a weekend of exploring the city with friends. The subtle pattern of the shirt picks up the socks’ weave. No one will mistake this for a business casual getup on one deeply entrenched in the rat race. At first glance, this seems a tough look to carry. The socks flaunt a big pattern. There is no getting around it. In this case, the pattern doesn’t dominate the outfit and the sneakers are key.

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Socks: Downtown Lavender, Ace & Everett
Shoes: New Balance

The black leather has an incredible texture. The natural shine of premium materials picks up the sunlight, subtly mimicking the blacks, whites and greys of the socks. The jeans are the male equivalent of your girlfriend’s little black dress, absolutely perfect. Slim and dark, these jeans work in the office with a jacket and lace ups or can relax with a t-shirt and sneakers. Think of them as your sartorial Swiss Army Knife, they can get any job done.

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Socks: Mamba Black, Ace & Everett
Sneakers: Common Projects

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