19 Reasons To Keep Growing Your Beard

Gentlemen, congratulations on another successful Growvember. You continue to help raise awareness for men’s health around the world and for that you should be proud. However, now that Movember and No Shave November have come to an end, you’re undoubtedly tempted to shave off your new found facial hair and say hello to your completely shaven mug. However, let’s consider the alternative.

For some of you, the second Growvember is officially in the rear view mirror, you’re taking a razor to your face like emo Anakin Skywalker did to an entire tribe of sand people. Yet, the rest of you beardsmen are considering continuing on your own bearded journeys and furthering your understanding of the beardsman within. If you happen to be on the fence about shaving, let us give you 19 reason to keep on growing your beard out.

Keep growing your beard to help protect yourself against skin cancer.

Research has shown that beards help reduce your facial skin’s exposure to UV rays by up to 95%, therefore reducing your risk of skin cancer. The thicker your beard is, the more protection you have against the sun and remember, just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean the sun isn’t constantly shining down on you.

Keep growing your beard to stave off allergy attacks.

Much like the hair inside your nostrils, a reality of which only increases with age, facial hair has been shown to help reduce allergic reactions by catching triggering elements before they reach your eyes or nose. Sure, you’re less susceptible to pollen and other leading allergens during the winter, but still, every little bit helps.

Keep growing your beard because Jon Haam.


Keep growing your beard to stay youthful.

In addition to helping reduce your chance of skin cancer, facial hair helps keep your face looking youthful as it protects against aging elements, including the sun and wind. Does facial hair make you appear older? Sure, but if you maintain a beard and opt to shave it off one day, you’ll be shocked at how good of shape your skin will be in after all that time.

Keep growing your beard because Idris Elba.


Keep growing your beard to prevent blemishes.

Ingrown hairs suck, but they’re almost unavoidable. However, when it comes to your face, you can combat folliculitis (the infection caused by ingrown hair) by simply letting your facial hair grow in as it wants to.By not shaving, you avoid folliculitis and the scarring that accompanies it and, in turn, your skin will age more healthily and naturally.

Keep growing your beard because Chiwetel Ejiofor.


Keep growing your beard to avoid dry skin.

Winter can be brutal and, besides the unavoidable cold many of us deal with, the drop in temperatures can wreak havoc on our skin, particularly the facial variety. Beards combat seasonal dry skin by locking in moisture in and around your face and by blocking out the dry winds that are the cause of your face cracking and drying out in the first place.

Keep growing your beard to stay warm this winter.

For a lot of us, we dread winter. It means the end of shorts, pool parties, and umbrella drinks and, for a lot of people, happiness. Although you can’t combat all of winter’s misfortunes, you can help keep your face and neck warm by continuing to grow out your beard, the best defense there is against winter’s more evil side.

Keep growing your beard because Nick Offerman.


Keep growing your beard to attract mates.

Let’s be real, there are people out there who are into facial hair of all shapes, styles, and lengths. Similarly, there are others who prefer their gentlemen suitors completely shaven. To each their own as they say. However, studies show that men and women just prefer their men with facial hair and, especially during the winter, people dig beards. Everyone wants to curl up with someone who looks warm during the cold months and what better way to show that than by embracing nature and bearding on.

Keep growing your beard to look more mature.

Particularly for you younger beardsmen out there, it can be nice adding a level of maturity to your mug by letting your facial hair take over. Not only will you appear older, but in turn you’ll take on a wiser, more confident look that only increases with the length of your beard itself.

Keep growing your beard because Jake Gylenhaal.


Keep growing your beard because Guy On A Buffalo.

Keep growing your beard so you can continue stroking your beard when deep in thought.

Besides the health-related and obvious aesthetic reasons for keeping your beard, nothing beats silently stroking your beard when deep in thought or gazing out at the cold, winter sea from a scenic cliff. The latter is less likely, but the former happens at least five times a day, be it at work, when gargling, or at dinner when picking the proper libation to help your forget how f*cking cold it is outside.

Keep growing your beard because yeards.

Keep growing your beard because Zach Galifianakis.


Keep growing your beard to become a CEO.

Jack Dorsey, Larry Ellison, and Sergey Brin, what do these guys have in common? Well, besides being ridiculously intelligent, successful, and wealthy, they’ve each embraced their inner beardsman while acting as their company’s CEOs. Besides being awesome on its own, this signals an even bigger change in corporate culture and how workforces are being given more choice and independence. Speaking of which…

Keep growing your beard because you’re finally allowed to.

For years, companies of all sizes and industries have STRONGLY encouraged their male employees to maintain a completely shaven appearance. Maybe on the weekends you let your facial hair do as it would without giving it a second thought, but come Monday morning, you’ve historically picked up the razor again and again. As companies continue to embrace more casual work environments, especially in terms of appearance and dress, men have began growing out their beards and letting nature do as it will and this friend is a very good thing.


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