5 Bald Styling Techniques You Must Know | Ian Schoen

Eric Bandholz

Bald is beautiful, and Ian Schoen is here to talk about how to embrace it and maximize your potential.

1. Grow a beard.
    Having some hair on the face draws attention from your dome to your face, and balances out your look. Plus it means you get the chance to style some hair!
2. Don't shave your head.
    Ian is talking about straight-razoring your head, Mr. Clean style. You can buzz it short without shaving it clean - it's more convenient and takes less time. And don't forget to pay special attention to tapering your sideburns from the clean buzz to the bushy beard. A good fade can go a long way to keep your look nice and clean.
3. Nip the strays.
    Now the focus is on your dome and there's no hair to draw the eye in. So if you have strays sticking out of your beard, your head, your nose, or even your ears, it's going to be more noticeable. Take time with your clippers to clip the strays.
4. Take care of your head.
    Combat dryness and sun damage by using moisturizers and sunscreen. Ian also says a slight tan can always help make your bald and beautiful head look even better.
5. Accessorize.
    Hats and sunglasses are your best friends. Learn how to rock them properly.

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  • How about some tips for beards on guys who are older (just turned 70 here) and almost completely gray on head hair, but still have salt and pepper going on in the beard.

    Ray on

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