5 Must-Have Spring Wardrobe Pieces

Gentlemen, it’s April, the weather is finally starting to warm up, and that means it’s time to break out your spring wardrobe. But you’re undoubtedly going to have to pick up a few new pieces, so let’s talk about five must-have spring wardrobe pieces you should have in your closet this season.

Crewneck Tee

The season of the v neck tee is gone and this spring it’s definitely all about the crewneck. And as the weather warms up picking up a few new crewneck tees is a definite must. Now it’s completely your call whether your ratty old tees from last year will work but for me I wear my t shirts enough during the spring and summer that after a year (maybe two) they’re ready to be recycled into rags. Make sure you’ve got a good color assortment too. Definitely pick up a few white—you’re bound to spill on at least one of them. Want to pick up a trendier color? Go with a washed out pink or a military green.

White Sneakers

The white sneaker trend has been around for a while now but if the Damn Daniel trend has taught us anything it’s that white sneakers are a definite must-have and certainly for spring. The nice thing about the fact that white sneakers are so popular is that you can find them anywhere and in all makes and styles. Try sticking with a simple style (think Vans) and try different materials. I’m a fan of any of the leather styles and, if you maintain them, they’ll last you more than a season.

Light Layers

This one’s a little less specific but light layers are imperative for spring. Spring doesn’t hit and suddenly it’s all sunny days and cloudless skies so having a layer to add over your tee is something you need to think about.  I’m always a fan of cardigans and they’re making a sort of comeback (did they ever leave though?). Going with a lightweight cashmere or cotton will keep you cool when the sun does break out from behind the clouds and going with a color like an ivory is a classic spring choice. Want something a little more fun? Try a saturated mustard for a nice pop—you’ll be surprised at how it easy it is to wear. Need something a little heavier? Try a lightweight bomber jacket for an easy style statement.


This time of year is when I like to think about new sunglasses. It’s the time of year that I will inevitably break/lose a pair so I always like to have a good core group to fall back on. Personal preference and face shape oftentimes dictate your favorite sunglass styles, but rounder lenses are definitely a thing at the moment and you don’t have to shell out hundreds to try something new. Another spring trend to hop on board with are colored frames.


Some guys don’t do shorts and I get it but I can’t imagine a spring where I kept my legs cooped up from the sun. Don’t overheat this season and stick yourself in pants every day. Pick up a few pairs of shorts. Remember to vary your selection and pick up a drawstring pair too—they’re even more comfortable and add a little variety. Styles vary but go with a slimmer fit and a length that you’re comfortable with. I’d say you’re safe with anything in between 7-9 inches (just above the knee to slightly higher on the thigh).

Photography by Angelica Damaso
Model: Carlos Costa
Clothing: Slate and Stone

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