7 Bearded Resolutions For 2015

Once again, we’ve reached that special time in the year when we reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to what the next 12 will hold. Will 2015 be the year I finally get a motorcycle? Will this be the year I start my own business? Will it be the year Dr. Dre finally releases The Detox? While some goals are more achievable than others, we here at Urban Beardsman like to keep things simple and aim for New Year’s resolutions that we can seamlessly incorporate into our day to day (and continue looking epic in the process).

For some of you, reading this list will finally give you the motivation to put down the razor and let mother nature take hold of your face, while for others our humble suggestions will drive you to embrace the larger bearded community that you’ve stayed on the periphery of since you began embracing your inner beardsman. Regardless of your experience level, we think our 2015 list of beardsman resolutions is sure to help make the next year one of the most inspiring of your life. So, without further ado, let us begin:

1. Grow Your First Beard

There is no time like the present to be a happier, more confident you and the first step we recommend in achieving that is simple: grow a beard. Some guys might be worried about their ability to grow facial hair, while others might be worried it’ll come in as a strange color, but the important thing is taking the first step and simply trying it on for size.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and, although beards have a more immediate payoff than the 500 year lifecycle of an empire, your first beard isn’t going to have people confusing you for Zeus after a week, but give it time and see it through because before you know it, you’ll be stroking your hairy chin poignantly while looking out at a sunrise rising up over the ocean and after that, there’s no turning back.

2. Grow A Corporate Beard


One of the biggest misconceptions people have about beards is that they’re dirty, wild, and unmaintained beasts that are simply not appropriate for the workplace, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As facial hair continues to become more widely accepted in the workplace, more and more men are opting to shave less often, but that doesn’t mean bypassing hygiene and professionalism. Just because you can’t show up to the office looking like Ron Swanson after a long weekend doesn’t mean you can’t rock a well-groomed beard in the boardroom. Keep it looking fresh, make sure it’s clean, and before you know it, other guys in your office will be following suit. What better way to show management your leadership potential?

3. Join A Beard Club


You might assume that beard clubs are selective about who they’ll let in or that they’ll judge you for keeping your beard well-groomed, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Most beard clubs, like our local chapter down here in Austin, are made of welcoming, fun, and friendly beardsmen and fans alike who simply want to hang out with likeminded people and as long as you’re looking for people to have fun with and accepting of hairy strangers, you’ll undoubtedly love joining your local beard club.

Of course, for some of you, joining a beard club might not be an option because your town or city lacks such a thing. Well my hairy friend, it’s a new year and it’s time to rally the community and start your very own club. We here at Urban Beardsman believe that part of living the bearded lifestyle is being a leader in the community and bringing likeminded people together, turn this negative into a positive and rally your bearded friends together. We promise, if nothing else, you’ll have a lot of fun.

4. Develop a Grooming Routine


If 2015 is the year you finally go all-in on growing out your beard, you’re going to need to develop a grooming routine to ensure your beard keeps looking and smelling good so you keep feeling good. To make sure your beard is looking its best, we recommend a comb or a brush to ensure maximum flow and texture. Additionally, you might find yourself needing to trim your mustache or the occasional outlier on your upper cheek or below your Adam’s apple. Lastly, as your beard gets longer it’s going to get coarser and more wiry, however, with the right amount of beard oil you can ensure that your face won’t dry out and your beard will continue to feel soft to the touch.

5. Compete In A Beard Competition


After months of going shave-free and endless compliments on your flowing man mane, it’s time to take the next step as a beardsman and enter a facial hair competition. It might seem intimidating at first, going up against men from around the world, some of whom have been competing since before you were born and whose beards are strong enough that they can use them for party storage, but know this: the true meaning of beard competitions lies beyond the showmanship and awards. Sure, people want to take home first place, but talk to any professional beardsman and you’ll see very quickly that above all else, they just want to bring the bearded community together to celebrate what makes all of them unique. Oh, and to drink copious amounts, but that’s mostly just a bonus.

6. Grow A Yeard


If you are looking to truly embrace the beardsman within and ascend to the highest summit of bearded-dom, the yeard is the noblest of routes to take. Simply put, one beard for one year. Groom as you feel as necessary, however, if you’re planning on not shaving for an entire year, we’re guessing you won’t be working in a typical office setting. The yeard, however, is more than simply a long beard, it symbolizes the soul of beardsmen everywhere and the true spirit of what our community stands for: independence, determination, and individuality. People will ask you questions, kids will point, and strangers will ask to touch it, but that’s what growing a yeard is truly all about and hiding from that is definitely not an option.

7. Encourage A Friend To Grow A Beard


Photo Courtesy Tommy Cairns

Lastly, as you’ve learned now by meeting fellow beardsmen around town or elsewhere, you immediately feel a sense of comradery when talking to another guy with a beard and, when it comes to bringing more fellas into the fold, the more the merrier. We all have friends that, for one reason or another, are always completely shaven and sure, some of them are victims of only being able to grow neck beards, but for those who aren’t, for those who you can see have bearded potential, sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way.

Top Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Buoncristiano



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