A Summer Staple: The Polo Shirt

There’s no denying that polo shirts have a negative stigma about them. They conjure up images of preppy ivy leaguers layering polos with collars popped high as they drive off in their dad’s sports car. But it’s time to let go of those images and try and embrace the polo shirt again. Let us forgive, but never forget.

The polo shirt has made a huge resurgence as a stylish addition to summer wardrobes and that’s a good thing. When it’s hot and humid in the summer it can be hard to muster up the desire to put on anything more than a simple t shirt so a polo is a way to add a little variety into your summer looks without feeling like you’re being suffocated. And polo shirts come in so many more options than your run-of-the-mill emblem pique versions you’re most likely envisioning. They’ve stepped up their game and make it easy for you to do the same.


First things first, choose a polo with a slightly tailored fit. Nothing says you’ve got no style like a shirt that doesn’t fit. Polos should fit somewhat close to your body and not just hang on you like a square of fabric. Likewise, polo sleeves should be slightly fitted so it might be time to pick up the dumbbells and get the guns ready for battle. Next, look for polos with some added interest. Sure you can opt for the traditional brightly colored pique but why not find one that makes more of a statement? Look for unique fabrics like ones that incorporate linen or use lightweight jerseys. They’ll look unique and keep you cooler than a heavier pique weave.


Aside from fit it’s really all about colors and prints. When thinking about solids, keep with spring trends and go with either muted earth tones or saturated, bold colors. Indigo dyed garments are very popular at the moment so picking up an indigo dyed polo is a great move too. And then obviously white, navy and black are always good options to have on hand. They work great for layering under denim or military jackets or even a blazer for a night out. Print polos are popping up pretty much everywhere and are a great way to inject them with a little excitement. Go with a bold floral print or a even a preppy (yes, it’s okay)dot print.

Styling a polo is pretty basic. There’s usually two buttons and I typically recommend keeping at least the bottom one buttoned at all times. Buttoning the polo all the way up is great for a more stylized look and gives any old polo an heir of distinction. Regardless of how you wear them adding polos to your closet is a must this summer.



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