New Zealand School Battles for Beards

Most of us beardsmen remember – or know – the struggle of school dress codes. From clothing to haircuts, there are rules to be followed whether we like it or not. But one school in New Zealand has had enough, and its students are ready to battle for their right to beard.

An article from Stuff explains that students at Kapiti College are rallying together and starting a petition to allow them to grow beards. The push for facial hair was borne from the fact that year 13 students (or seniors) are allowed to wear more casual clothing. So if the clothing regulations can be relaxed, why not the facial hair standards as well?

“It’s facial hair. It’s not like everyone is staring at you,” said Kapiti student Anthony McEwen.

“I don’t see, when we’re allowed to express ourselves through clothes, why we can’t express ourselves through facial hair.”

Kapiti principal Tony Kane disagrees and made the very logical argument that beards are a lot like….Nazi tattoos?

“The petitioners argued that facial hair does not have anything to do with learning, and that is true enough,” he said.

“The same argument applies to safety pins through noses or a ‘Sieg heil’ tattoo on the forehead, but I doubt that the community would find them acceptable.”

Well. That’s an escalation of unparalleled proportions. “You know – beards, piercings, Nazism. It’s all pretty much the same.”

Check out the full article now at Stuff!



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