Aphotic London Wolf Bracelet

Don’t let your style be timid. Let out your inner beast and howl at the moon with the Aphotic London wolf bracelet.

“It’s amazing, I get compliments all the time about it,” says collection curator Carlos Costa.

“I have quite a few tattoos on me with wolves, I love wolves, and when I found this bracelet with wolves on it, it made my day.”


The 925 sterling silver bangle from the UK-based Aphotic London gives a little edge to your style without going overboard. Why choose sterling silver? Because it’s chock full of history and it’s timeless.

925 sterling silver, often called 925 silver, consists of 92.5% silver, and a small percentage of primarily copper. Why? Pure silver is a great material to use when making jewelry, however it is actually quite soft and malleable. So if you decide to make a piece with pure silver, fancier designs are going to be difficult to pull off, and in the end the piece will be easily bent and twisted. By mixing in a small percentage of a stronger and firmer metal like copper, you get a more durable and stronger end result.

Sterling silver first showed up in Europe during the 12th century, and was used as a form of commerce. In 17th and 18th century America, silversmiths began to utilize sterling silver to make things like ornate pots and silverware. This is where the process of casting was first developed – silversmiths found that melting down the silver allowed them create smaller, more manageable pieces, and then forge these smaller pieces into shapes like spoons, or even pieces of a teapot.


By the early 1900’s, cutlery made of sterling silver became the standard when entertaining and setting a proper table. However by World War II, sterling silver began to see a wane in popularity due to increased labor costs and changing trends. But while sterling silver dinnerware may have faded away, it’s use for jewelry has held strong.

Aphotic London’s handmade pieces are truly one of a kind, and promise to add a subtle but razor sharp edge to any style, from casual to formal.

To get your Aphotic London wolf bracelet, visit the store page now!


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