James McCabe Heritage Retrograde Watch

There are certain style pieces that are more than just accessories; they’re statements all their own. The James McCabe Heritage Retrograde watch is absolutely one of those pieces. This timepiece is to your wrist what a three-piece suit is to the rest of your body, and it isn’t going to cost you and arm and a leg to score one.

“I’m a watch person, I’m always wearing watches,” says collection curator Jeff Buoncristiano.

“I wear it every day, I think it’s a really cool style watch. Plus it’s super affordable for that style in-between fashion and casual.”

It’s a killer watch from a storied brand that has its origins in mid-18th century.

Born in 1748, James McCade was the son of Patrick McCabe, a notable watchmaker from Ireland. James immigrated to London in 1775 where he started his own business on Fleet Street, and by early 1781, James McCabe was made an Honorary Freeman of the Clockmakers Company.

In 1811, McCabe passed away and passed his company on to his sons Thomas, Robert and James Jr. Robert took over the company and ran it 1879 when it closed its doors for the final time. In its time, the famous McCabe watchmaking house produced 50,000 watches, 7,000 clocks and 500 marine chronometers in its 100 year history. How famous was McCabe’s watchmaking house? One prolific fan of McCabe watches was George Washington himself, who purchased his McCabe pocket watch in Philadelphia in 1793.

McCabe watches were renowned for their variety, creativity, and prestige, and the original McCabe pieces remain highly collectable to this day and are in high-demand at high prices at auction houses worldwide. Today, McCabe Timepieces celebrate the legacy of James McCabe and his contributions as a fine craftsman of classic timepieces.

Their Heritage Retrograde piece is explained by McCabe Timepieces as “a simple yet ingenious complication that presents the days of the week in a unique concave orientation at the 6 ’ o clock position. A subtle yet elegant complication offering perfect proportions and visibility for the Heritage.”

If you want an affordable timepiece that’s chock full of history and looks as good with jeans and boots as it does with a tie and wingtips, then you’re going to have to check out the Heritage Retrograde from McCabe.



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