Dick Moby SFO Yellow Havana Sunglasses

Classic, sleek and timeless. That’s really all any of us want out of a good pair of sunglasses. But Dick Moby goes the extra mile when it comes to their shades. Not only are they designed to be stylish and fashionable, you’re actually saving the planet when you buy a pair.

Inspired by the sunny vibes of Havana, Cuba, the frame of these SFO’s is actually made from biodegradable acetate and five barrel hinges, and they come in a recycled leather case and with a smiley cleaning cloth made from recycled PET bottles.

You’re welcome, Earth.

They’re shades that hold a special place in collection curator Eric Bandholz’s heart for reasons beyond just their style and sustainability.

“I was in Berlin at a trade show and right across the booth from us were the founders of Dick Moby,” he explains.

“And so over the next two or three days at the show we were always going back and forth and having a good time, and I love the founders Robert [Wefers-Bettink] and Tim [Holland], we stayed in touch over the years and I did a trip to Amsterdam recently and met up with them. I think we’re really lucky to be one of their first retailers in the US.”

Dick Moby was founded in 2014 after – as crazy as it sounds – a surf trip. Wefers-Bettink and Holland explain on Dick-Moby.com that their mission started “on a surf trip in 2012 when we were confronted with the huge amounts of plastic waste in and around the ocean. As surfers and sailors we decided to address the plastic pollution in a positive way by making high quality sunglasses out of biodegradable and or recycled plastic.

After exploring options with various suppliers and plastic producing companies we met with the Italian company Mazzucchelli that was able to produce high quality bio-degradable acetate for us, and early 2014 we selected an independant Italian manufacturer of handmade glasses.”

And while some companies may have a hefty amount of capital to use for a startup, the Dick Moby team did not. But that didn’t stop them from finding a way to make it happen.

“To make the required advance payment needed to start production of the minimum quantity of sunglasses at our Italian manufacturer, we launched an international crowdfunding campaign with great success,” they explain on their site.

“With this funding we were able to produce our first collection of sunglasses, all of them being sold out before we got them in…. In the course of 2015, Mazzucchelli succeeded in developing black acetate out of production waste, and so our 97% recycled black line was born. Towards the end of 2015 we launched our first optical collection and our third sunglasses collection.”

So if you’re ready to get your shade game in check and do your part to help the environment, then it’s time to invest in a pair of Dick Moby’s. Mother Nature thanks you in advance.


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