Armando Longoria

—Urban Beardsman

Who I am

My name is Armando Longoria. I am an avid learner, passionate traveler, laborious dreamer, and citizen of the world.

What I do

I’m currently studying for my second master’s degree in computer programming and design while working as a logistics coordinator for the Ministry of Planning. I try to travel whenever I can, and aim to enjoy every single second on my life.

Where I live

I’ve lived in several countries, but I recently came back home to Durango to be with my family as I haven’t seen them in a very long time. I found a beautiful German woman here, who encourages me to keep my beard growing.

Why I Beard

Honestly, I was looking for an excuse to get fired from my job at the time so I could speed up the process of landing in a new place. In moving to a smaller city, I ended up with a boss that was quite open to traditional culture which ironically made my idea of beards and tattoos seem more old school. My dad was a beardsman my entire life, and though my brothers have tried I’m the only one to successfully grow a full beard. As I’m witnessing beards become so mainstream across the world (at least for those that can grow one) I thought about shaving it but have since decided to keep it because it made me look more mature. There’s also the power and respect I feel that a good beard brings. I’m sure I’ll be keeping this look going for a long while.

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