5 Tech Gadgets You Probably Need

We, as men, cannot help but love gadgets. We find ourselves drawn to the latest, greatest technological creations, which, for the most part, serve a grand purpose in our lives. Every day there are more unique, and very cool creations hitting the market that can simplify our lives, or help make them more exciting. The problem is there are so many awesome new techie devices out there, it makes it hard to decide what to invest in.

We have searched far and wide to locate the most beneficial, and amazing gadgets currently available, or coming soon, and we’ve found 5 that are worth taking home:

1. The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch isn’t a standard wristwatch, nor is it being deemed the iWatch. Instead, Apple wanted to make this chic, sleek designer watch stand out on its characteristics, more so then the Apple “I” moniker. However, like everything else made by Apple, this is a state of the art, high tech device that serves multiple purposes. To start off, it is iPhone compatible; the bracelet itself has 100 all metal components, which actually takes 9 hours to cut PER wristband. Apple also spared no expense in their production by recruiting only high profile biometric and watch industry professionals for the design and creation process. It will be available on April 24th and comes in 3 different designs, each offering 2 different bandwidths. The first is the aluminum sports edition for $349 to $399. The second is a glossy stainless steel design from $549 to $1099. The most expensive is the gold watch edition, which is a limited edition available from $10,000 to $17,000, once again, depending on size.

2. Moto 360

One cannot expect Android not to compete in the new age wristwatch designs. Thus, they created a stylish and comfortable watch deemed the Moto 360, with a starting price of around $212. Like its competition, this watch does a lot more than tell time. It actually includes a pedometer, ambient light sensor, wireless charger, and a heart rate monitor. The size is a little wide and it does require a daily charge, but design-wise, the look of this watch is without comparison.

3. Fly 360 camera

Everybody nowadays has a camera, but not like the new 360 Fly Camera for around $449. This is the camera above all cameras, as it captures images quicker than the eye can see, and much, much smaller. Video images can be taken at 360 degrees, thus the name, and horizontally by around 240 degrees. This is the widest view camera in the world, and it is easily transportable. It can be carried, mounted on tripods, attached to a mobile unit, or stabilized on a helmet. For those that love undersea adventures, this amazing new camera is even water safe up to around 5 meters. The 360 Fly is also compatible with Android and iPhone, so we can share images with our friends, or the rest of the world.

4. Urwerk UR-1001 Pocket Watch

Back in the days of old a gentlemen wouldn’t be caught in public without his pocket watch. Urwerk is bringing the tradition back to the future with the creation of their UR-1001. They deem their device “more than a pocket watch” and have given it the title, “Zeit Device Über Complication.” The device itself appears to be a strangely assimilated mobile phone with watch gears. Perhaps the most unique function is the calendar aspect, which uses the same hands that tell time to provide the date, connecting to the Urwerk’s satellite system on a linear scale.

5. Google Glass

Google Glass came onto the market like a wildfire, but then seemed to burn out. However, this amazing bit of technical eyewear should not be overlooked, or underestimated. These unique visual aids may not help us to see more clearly if we have astigmatism, but they can help us see anything, anywhere via the internet. Glass can also show the world exactly what we see, as it offers recording technology that can instantly be put online. Google Glass takes us anywhere, anytime and allows vision to be shared with friends and family. This is hands free mobile internet, digital camera, and communication all rolled into one eyewear device, and priced for around $1500.

It was a difficult choice to narrow the list to only 5 devices out of the hundreds of amazing new technical inventions available or coming soon. We have some unique options to consider in 2015, and many more will be designed and created as more technological advances are made. Each of our choices will provide us with style, sophistication, and tons of fun, so consider the possibilities … and choose wisely. We did.

About the Author

Eric Pangburn is a husband, father, and an avid sports fan. He has a passion for man caves and unique quality products for men. He enjoys cool stuff so much he started DudeLiving.com, a website focusing on quality and unique stuff that guys like.



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