Deconstructing the Suit

There’s no doubt that everyone who has a beard considers it a member of the family. The beard serves as a symbol; like how Gotham has Batman, the beardsman has his mane. The beard has become a beacon of refinement and style, and today, Urban Beardsman has taken on the challenge of moving that old-world class down from the face and onto the body by utilizing the illustrious suit.

We have leapt into an era where the suit isn’t just for weddings, Sunday dinner, and high school reunions. No, we have been graced with the opportunity to go beyond the ways of the old and take this newfound freedom to create perspectives appealing to everyone from the island nomad to the silver fox. From the foundations of the suit jacket and pant, we conceived four distinct atmospheres for the urban beardsman to translate into his day-to-day.

1. “Urban Vice”

If your dad wore socks with sandals and shorts above the knee, then you definitely remember the days of Miami Vice and MacGyver. As much as we loved Tubbs catching members of the cartel off the shores of Miami or MacGyver crafting a motorcycle out of shoestring, the show’s fashion has now become the true star. We paired our model Jason in a bold printed Ted Baker woven shirt with a rolled suit pant. To truly embrace the “Vice” attitude, a solid color sweater was added to the Hugo Boss tuxedo jacket, keeping in-line with the monochromatic color scheme. Remember, to keep this look modern and not like you just walked off set from the A-Team, keep it form-fitting, avoid graphic tees under the jacket, and show some ankle with a rolled pant cuff.

2. “The Huntsman”

Imagine being a member of the aristocracy during its prime. Of course, your favorite sport would be hunting with other members of royalty and enjoying a glass of brandy in the smoking room afterwards. We have since evolved from the elements of pedigree but there is no shame in modernizing the fashion of the grandeur. We paired Jason with a set of Ray-Ban aviators and kept the casual sophistication with Hugo Boss pants. An effortless way to dress this look up is adding a classic Cole Haan oxford shoe and Hugo Boss tuxedo jacket. Wearing a dark color palette not only slims the waist but also creates a mysterious and dignified look that your aristocratic ancestors would be proud of.

3. “20,000 Leagues”

We’ve all seen what can happen to a man when he is trapped on an island alone with a volleyball for a few years… Bypassing the step of island isolation, we tapped into the way of life of a man ready to fight giant octopi and tackle immortal pirates. If you have a smaller build, wearing horizontal stripes widens the chest and shoulders creating a more broad appearance. This look also has the added bonus of being mistaken as a yacht captain; because what screams nautical more than navy and stripes? A simple way to dress up this look is by layering the Wallin & Bros suit jacket with rolled up sleeves and cuffed denim. Keep it sandy by showing the undershirt over the jacket and adding strapped leather sandals.

4. “The Leo Tolstoy”

A renaissance of bearded excellence has begun, and with the start of a new era comes the appreciation of the masters of the past. It seems that a constant among literary geniuses centuries ago is not only revolutionary writing, but the beard paired with a strong suit. We channeled the greats by combining a Wallin & Bros suit, accessorizing with a floral printed Topman tie, and letting those healthy locks breathe. This completed review personifies the starving artist vibe with the clean look of a refined man who knows what he wants and how to get it. Remember, don’t be afraid to mix bold prints with a suit; it creates a youthful mood while giving the opportunity to create an individualized perspective.





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