Ath-what? Meet the Athleisure Movement

Comfort is king. And long live it, am I right? What’s the point in putting anything on your body if it’s not comfortable? There’s not. And that’s why the athleisure trend has not only caught on but has grown so popular that brands solely focused on the athleisure movement are popping up all over the place. And if you’re a guy that loves to look good and be comfortable (you should all be saying yes, that’s me right now) you should be so happy (now you should smile). Why? Because you can essentially wear sweatpants at any point during the day and, if done correctly, can be considered stylistically on point. Now if that’s not a giant leap for mankind I don’t know what is…


I’m not sure exactly who started the whole athleisure trend. All I can say is that I sincerely hope it wasn’t the folks behind the pajama jean. It’s really not that confusing as to why it’s so popular. We’ve already covered that everyone enjoys being comfortable. But the athleisure movement goes beyond that. With a growing focus on health and fitness, the desire to look good while working out has also become more important. And when pieces look good, of course you’re going to want to include them in your wardrobe outside the gym.

Short side note: the athleisure look can be adopted by all, not just gym rats, because the trend isn’t necessarily about incorporating workout clothes into your wardrobe as much as pieces inspired by clothing you can work out in. It takes sporty pieces and ups their style quotient.


This ever-growing sportswear trend has played a huge role in defining modern day streetstyle. Everything from sneakers paired with wide brimmed fedoras to baseball jerseys worn with blazers is not only acceptable but highly encouraged. Getting on the bandwagon of the atheisure trend is actually pretty simple and there’s something for everybody.

A great way for beginners to enter the athleisure world is to pick up a pair of sneakers. Whether they’re a vintage-inspired pair of New Balance running shoes (shown above) or a sleek, modern pair of Nikes, it is an easy way to mix the athletic trend into your everyday wardrobe. Pair them with a pair of slim jeans and a t-shirt and you’ve got yourself a classic streetstyle look that is equal parts comfortable and stylish.

For something ever so slightly more advanced, pick up a great pair of tapered sweatpants. Everyone from big name designers to small, athleisure-specific brands have gotten into the tapered sweatpant game. Not only are they comfortable enough to work out in, but they’re stylish enough to wear out to lunch or a movie. Outdoor Voices is one such specialty brand, focusing on athletic inspired clothing and they have a great selection of sweatpants that are acceptable to not only leave the house in, but confidently conquer said day in.


Now for those of you who have already conquered all of the small steps on your way to athleisure greatness it’s time to go big or go home. How about wearing sweats to the office? Quick disclaimer: you cannot cite this story as a reference when you are getting written up for dress code violations by your HR department. Alright, alright… while office dress codes around the country have definitely loosened the reins a bit it might not quite be acceptable to wear lounge pants to the office quite yet. However, for those of you who work from home, these exceptionally comfortable pants from Lounge County (shown above) might be just the ticket.

On a more serious note, pick up a pair of joggers in an elevated fabric. The jogger came onto the scene only a year or so ago and has quickly become one of the most viable pant options for any stylish man. And now they’ve expanded beyond jersey into the world of denim and wool. You can even get away with wearing them to the office.


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