Bearded Halloween Costume Ideas

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Greg is back to help you pick the perfect Halloween costume for you and your beard if you don't already have one picked out! It's that time of the year again to celebrate Halloween, so he's gonna give his top picks of ideal costumes for the bearded man. The holiday is huge for him and his family. He and his wife have always dressed up, go big, and made an entire evening about it. He's matched with his wife, the family has gone a group costume, and they have even hosted Halloween parties over the years. The whole basis of the holiday is not to come as you are, but rather to come as what you want to be.

A lot of the time, he and his wife have won "Best Couple's Costume" at different events. But more often than not, they have thrown together the costume together the night before or even day of sometimes. They don't spend a much money on these costumes either. A lot of guys with a beard, mustache, or goatee feel like they don't have a lot of options. If you're shaven you can always add a beard, but if you have a beard then you need to have a costume that has a full beard. There are a lot of options; Bill Murray, Zombie, Lumber Jack, Vincent Van Gogh.

For the most part, they are pretty easy to replicate and can be created pretty quickly with stuff you have just lying around the house. Enough of just describing these costumes, Greg is gonna give his top 5 costume ideas for 2017!

1. Anything Steampunk

If you haven't heard the term yet, it's basically Victorian era attire with futuristic tech that's still powered by steam. Pretty self explanatory if you think about it. There's a lot of facial hair in the genre, so you have plenty of room to rock a beard, mustache, goatee, or some sweet sideburns. It's pretty trendy right now, easy to identify, and easy to accomplish with a top hat, glasses, and a vest.

2. Pirate

Ever popular and easy to do is the pirate. You can go as the Johnny Depp version, or a classic pirate. There are a million ways you can achieve this look, and even variations you can try. Maybe go for a space pirate kind of style, you do you man.

3. Gravedigger

Get that spirit of Halloween spookiness in your costume this year. You can go to a Halloween store or a beauty store and find hair extensions that match the color of your beard. You can tie them behind your ear. It's super easy to do, just add some extensions to your beard and top hat. Then wear all black and you're good to go while you carry a shovel.

4. Anything Mythological

There are a ton of figures from different types of mythology that have facial hair fo some sort. Zeus and Poseidon are easy ones to pull off and easily recognizable. Whether you do it as a strict costume or put a twist on it by making it a statue version, it's really easy to accomplish. Basically, it can be as simple as a toga sheet, a prop, and a wreath in your hair.

5. The Skull Beard

This is Greg's favorite, so it's the one he wanted to finish on. You see this costume a lot, and it may look complex but in reality, it's just some makeup. You wear it with any dark clothes and style your beard however you normally would.

Give these a try and let us know what you think, and how it was received by your friends!





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