How to Eat With a Beard and The Tips You Need to Know

Having a beard comes with its own set of problems. Eating and drinking can be a rough time if you don't know where to start. We all struggle with some food, especially when you're out and about. Restaurants have gotten really good about hiding the amount of sauce in a dish. So when you bit into it, the food bits and drips can go everywhere in your beard and mustache. You kind of adapt to it after a bit and learn how to eat differently.

This is mainly for when you're eating out. If you're at home, just eat whatever you want and clean yourself up afterward. One of the best things you can do with drinks is to ask for it in a to-go cup, or take-away cup for our friends in the EU. It's got that little hole in it so you don't end up dipping your mustache in your drink.

Napkins are your best friend. Use them after every bite to make sure you aren't keeping anything in your beard. Make it a habit, cause you want to keep your beard clean and free of debris. Even if there is nothing there, it's still helpful.

Avoid eating with spoons. When you use one, you put it in your mouth then pull it out. When you drag it out it'll pull on your mustache. An option you can do is put it in, twist it, then pull it out. But that looks strange in public. If you have to eat soup, go back to that to-go cup and eat/drink your soup that way. If there are chunks, you can eat them afterwards with a fork.

Utensils are your best friend. Even if your food doesn't necessarily need a knife and fork, it's still much more manageable to eat a hamburger in pieces than all at once and get it all over your beard. You could avoid all those foods, but there just so damn good.

These are just a few of the tips Carlos has learned in his own experience. What are some of the tips you've picked up along the way?





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