The Best Way to Trim Your Eyebrows That You May Not Know

Greg is talking about how to control your eyebrows. He want's to bring attention to them since they are also part of your face. You can use forceps to get those stray hairs, but it won't do anything about the growth. Personally, his eyebrows didn't really grow as when he was younger. As he has gotten older, his brows have gotten thicker and longer. When he was at Cut & Grind he saw a lot of the comments about how nasty his eyebrows look, so he decided to save them for a video.

On any given day, his brows are usually all in order because he makes sure to put them that way. The hair is over an inch long in some places, and they will probably get longer with age, but he won't let them get too far since he keeps them trimmed. There are two methods for trimming them. The first is the lawnmower method, which Greg doesn't like, which puts them all at the same length using a trimmer or clipper. The second he doesn't know what to call, but it involves a straight razor. In the end, you're left with stubble. For a special occasion, it might be ok to do once, but it's not an everyday look.

The only way to attack your eyebrows and keep them natural is with scissors and a comb. He uses the pocket sized comb from Beardbrand, and the tighter bristle end to have more control.

Everyone's eyebrows grow different, but it's important to comb them in the direction they would naturally grow. When in doubt it's better to comb them up instead of down so they don't cast a shadow over your eye. Instead of just combing them up and cutting what doesn't line up, he pulls them closer to the center of his face and trims it off that way. What that does is cuts it so your brows will be layered and feathered. Then, since he keeps his brows short in the middle and grows them out on the ends. So for that part, he pulls them straight up and cuts them. This feathers them as well instead of leaving a harsh line. You can also then pluck the hairs that no longer fall in line.





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