Carson Jenkin

—Urban Beardsman

Who I Am.

My name is Carson Jenkin. I am your average Canadian kid just trying to survive life.

What I Do.

By profession I am a mortgage broker. That keeps me pretty busy and on the move. I’m my spare time I spend a lot of time with family and friends trying to enjoy the one life I was given.


Where I Live.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, but am originally from Oakville, which is a little suburb 25 minutes outside the city. I have an office in both places so I don’t really stay either place too long.

Why I Beard.

I wouldn’t as much say I beard, as it has just become a part of my life. I was fortunate to be able to grow a full beard and in my opinion look and feel better when I have one. In my profession I should always look my best, so I pride myself on keeping my beard well maintained. Otherwise you can look a little bit homeless.