Convincing Others You Are Growing a Beard

Parker Mallouf

Today Eric is giving us the tools needed to convince others you're going to grow your beard out. There are men out there that have the "i'm going to do what I want" mentality. If that's the case, then you don't need to worry about convincing anyone.

If you're not that kind of guy, then our recommendation is to start growing for a cause like no shave November or Movember. Next is convincing your spouse or significant other that you want to grow a beard. Remember to touch on the fact that people are always changing.

Relationship dynamics are always evolving. Ask your partner for small amount of time to experiment with facial hair simply out of your curiosity.

Remember no is entitled to your life. No one is entitled to be your friend, to be your boss or employee. Ultimately you are in total control of how you live your life.


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