Copper River Camera Bag

When I began my search for a camera bag I was bombarded with sporty backpacks and slings made of nylon and molded rubber. It all sort of looked like something your uncle would have at an amusement park. I wanted something that was rugged and sophisticated. Something classic. Copper River makes bags that are as functional as they are fashionable.

In 2010 Marlon Jefferson was waiting in line for a new iPad. He was holding an iPad holder that he had made himself after being frustrated about not being able to find a high quality bag for his new device. While in line people began to ask him where he got his bag. It was at that moment that he embarked on his vision of Copper River Bags.

The company is named after one of his favorite fishing spots, the Copper River in Alaska. He first opened his shop on Etsy for the original iPad bag. The small company grew quickly and moved from their original location in Southern California to Nevada City in Northern California. Once a gold rush town situated in the Foothills of the Sierra Mountains, it is now a community of artisan and artistic types who preserve the history of the area.

Copper River Camera Bags are available in small 10”, medium 14” and large 15”. Naturally I stepped right up to the large Buckhorn Sonoma Camera Bag. It’s made of water-resistant full-grain leather that is oil tanned and has a removable firmly padded divider with felt lining. It is big enough to hold my DSLR camera with lens attached, two other lenses, external flash, and plenty of odds and ends.

There is also room for a 15” laptop. It has so much space that Copper River bills this one as a minimalist photo lab. There is a rear pocket, two inside pockets, and two outside cell phone pockets. Everything you need for a photo shoot of that magnificent beard of yours.

From Copper River: “We are inspired by the mountains, rivers, lakes, and the never ending breeze rustling through the evergreen trees. The adventurous spirit of the miners and their families inspire us every day. The designs of each bag are thoughtful, meticulous and never rushed, encompassing the quality and craftsmanship of the old world. Each Copper River creation is a unique work-of-art.”


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