Urban Beardsman Launches Its First Apparel Line

A modern day beardsman is more than just a beard. Sure his facial hair is part of who he is, but he’s so much more than that. Being able to pull off a beard is a combination of good grooming as well as a sense of style. The urban beardsman is a stylish, confident man who needs his clothes to show who he is in a subtle, unique way. Beardbrand has done the job of providing all bearded men with the tools they need to grow and maintain a perfectly crafted beard. Urban Beardsman is now providing men with the other tools they need to confidently change the way society views bearded men. I recently sat down with Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand to discuss his latest project: providing men with the perfect wardrobe, and it all starts with a shirt.

Q: Beardbrand has been providing men with the tools they need to grow and maintain their best facial hair since 2012. Why the shift to enter into the apparel industry?

A: Beardbrand has definitely seen success in providing beardsmen with grooming tools, but we are more than just a grooming brand. Our longterm vision for the company has always been to make a mark in the apparel world with our brand. We want to change the way people view men with beards and grooming has been one step toward doing that. Now with the launch of these shirts, it’s the beginning of our next step in defining what it means to be a beardsman.


Q: What makes this shirt perfect for an urban beardsman?

A: Urban beardsmen want to look good and wear pieces that are unique and different than your run of the mill shirt but without looking too flashy. He wants something with a hint of edge but still classic enough to get a ton of wear out of it. He’s an active guy that wants something that looks good but that’s low maintenance. This shirt is perfect for him because it’s presentable enough to be polished up for the office but untucked and laidback enough for a night out.

Q: How did you develop this shirt?

A: We partnered with Trunkist, which operates on a unique pre-order business model. This has enabled us to partner with manufacturers both here in the U.S. and internationally to source high quality fabrics and develop a shirt that is essentially cut to order which eliminates waste.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the shirt?

A: When it came to this shirt I designed for myself and our community. It’s something I am proud to wear and I think other guys will be proud to wear it too. That and I love the simple stitched crossed lines on the pocket (elements from the Urban Beardsman logo). It’s a subtle yet stylish mark that accentuates the attention we took to the details.


It’s easy to see the passion that has gone into not just this new shirt but the new direction it signifies for the brand. The vision of creating apparel for not simply a fashion brand, but a lifestyle brand is what truly sets this shirt and what are sure to be future pieces apart from others. It’s not just filling a style need but eliminating the stress that can come into play when figuring out what to wear. It’s not just a piece to wear but a piece to live in.


The shirt comes in three options: a mid weight indigo chambray, a mid weight cotton/linen blend in a light blue and gray color combination, and then a lightweight cotton/linen blend in a burgundy and cream check. Each shirt checks a different set of style boxes, and together these three shirts will solve any and all style conundrums. The blend of cotton and linen give it a subtly wrinkled texture which makes it the perfect shirt to wash and tumble dry or air dry with zero need for ironing which lends itself perfectly to be worn all day, any day.

This shirt’s versatility and attention to every small detail make it anything but typical. Get your hands on one now and get excited because it’s only the beginning. It all starts with a shirt. Reserve yours here.


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