Das Boom Soaps

Let’s face it, men are the worst when it comes to paying attention to a skin care regimen. We often use regular bar soap which can be abrasive and harsh on our faces and beards. Along with using beard oil daily, integrating artisan soaps into your routine will make a huge difference in the health and vitality of your beard and skin thus making you less ugly.

Founder Jonathan Dubuque was working on his farm in Hawaii when he decided he wanted to create a soap that was better than what he was using. He was fixated on the chemistry behind the products and how skin reacted to it. He wanted his soaps to eliminate glutens, parabens, and sulfates. It took a year of study and nearly blowing up a garage in Van Nuys California to create Das Boom Industries.

Travel serves as Das Boom’s driving inspiration for scents. “I have spent so much of my life with a backpack and passport. When I work on a new scent, I think back to moments that meant something to me. My first barber shave, my first bite of real incredible sushi in Japan, hiking through the forest and burning tree branches and smelling the sap on my hands.”

“Each scent evokes a certain corner of the world. I wanted to do something with scent that told you a story and took you someplace. I also wanted something that was memorable, with notes you could call out, not just an unidentifiable scent with an intense name.”

Das Boom soap is made using a cold process. Sodium Hydroxide (lye) is mixed with water and oils. Other natural ingredients include shea butter, soybean oil, sunflower oil, meadow foam, olive oil, canola oil, palm oil, argon oil, and cocoanut oil. Jojoba and cocoa butter help to harden the bar and create a bar that is free of toxic ingredients.

Charcoal is added to exfoliate and vitamin E helps to hydrate and replenish your skin. They also throw in rosemary extract to increase skin’s elasticity. Blue green algae brings vitality to skin and adds anti-aging elements. These ingredients all help to neutralize free radicals from outside sources like the sun.

Das Boom has five main scents available in what they call an Everything Wash, Everything Bar, and Everywhere Lotion. The scents indeed live up to their names; West Indies, Bourbon County, Denali, Detroit, and Kyoto.

I used all five of the everything bars and loved how they felt and smelled. The infused oils actually did leave my skin and beard feeling soft and hydrated. Each created a bubbly and creamy lather that smelled rich and masculine. They lasted about three weeks for me and I used them from head to toe.

Besides how it left my skin feeling, the scents really sold me. My favorite was Detroit, a mix of tobacco, musk and motor oil: Smelled like America during the Industrial Revolution. West Indies smells of Bay Rum, smoke and dirt. That was my next favorite and was also super manly. Bourbon County reminded me of leather and sawdust. Denali was the most woodsy, smelling of juniper, pine, and cedar. The Kyoto was the most floral with notes of yuzu, shiso, and saffron.

It’s okay to make an effort to take care of your skin and hair and it’s especially easy when the products have such manly titles and scents. Das Boom soaps will leave you reminded that you are a man of the world – industrious, well-travelled, and well … clean.

$15 dasboomind.com

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