Different Ways to Help Hide and Cover up a Patchy Beard

—Josh Lawson

Greg Berzinsky, one of the coveted beardsmen here at Beardbrand, is talking about the bald patches and thinning spots in his beard. He's mentioned in a few of his other videos that he has these issues. There isn't a shortage of guys that have similar issues. Even Eric has pointed out a few areas of his beard that are a little thinner than others. Next week he is gonna be in a Cut & Grind video and those bald spots are sure to make an appearance, so he wanted to clear the air now, show them off, and talk about how he fixes the issue. Greg wanted to let other guys know they can have a beard, and wear it confidently, even if they have thin spots.

A lot of guys have bald spots under the lip, which isn't uncommon. Most times it reaches terminal length pretty quickly. He even has thin patches to the left and right of his soul patch. Just like you can do a comb over on the top of your head, you can do it with your beard to cover them up. He's main spots are where his mutton chops and goatee "connect". I say "connects" because it doesn't, but he makes it look like it does. Greg combs the goatee back, and the mutton chops down. You can even use styling balm to help keep it in place.

This was the reason he hadn't grown a beard for the longest time because he never let it grow passed 30 days and the patches bothered him. You might not have patches as significant or as even, but it's worth trying to grow it out to see if you can cover it up with the adjoining hairs.

Greg then goes through a few of the photos he's taken over the years to show what the process was like. They are also available on his Instagram @berzinsky if you go back two years.

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