How to Grow a THICK BEARD Fast: The Only Guide You’ll Need

First off, we want to say congrats on making it to this epic beard growing guide! Whether you have a beard or not, you’ve taken the first steps to be part of this awesome community!

While you don’t need a reason to start growing a beard, doing it for charity like Movember can be a great starting point if you feel compelled to explain yourself. Make that commitment to grow a beard today, give it time, and just start growing!

Beard Terminology

Before we get into all the details of how to grow a beard, let’s knock out some common terminology that will help in your journey. To begin, a beard is facial hair on the cheeks, neck, chin, and upper lip. When most people hear the word “beard,” they think of a full beard that is generally longer than 1/2”. That thought process considers a beard a specific facial hair style, whereas the word "beard" could also be a general term like the term “facial hair.” So really, you have a beard if you have any facial hair - from scruff to sideburns, and of course, the full beard.

There are also a few beard terms we must clarify before we dive into this beard growing business. A “yeard” is a beard that has grown untrimmed for an entire year. Similarly, a “tweard” is one that has grown for twice that amount of time. The “terminal beard” is the granddaddy of them all, signifying a man mane that has hit its critical mass and seemingly stopped growing because of split ends forming or hair simply shedding.

There are also two types of hair that grow on your face, vellus (the light, blond, more youthful hair) and terminal (the darker, coarser hair). As you age, your vellus hairs will convert into terminal hairs and those are the hairs that become a beard in a traditional sense.

Physical Aspects of Beard Growing

Beards can start growing anywhere from your teenage years to your late 20s and early 30s (and even later for some folks – seriously). Unfortunately, there is no way to control when your beard comes in, how thick it is, or its color or texture. All of these factors are tied in with your DNA, much like your height and hair color. The key to physically growing a beard is patience. Every beard is completely unique and your own. Sometimes, you just need to wait a few years before it really finds its shape. In a world of instant gratification, we know this can suck. Remember that all of the bearded men you see online and on TV weren’t born with the beard they have now. They too may have been late bloomers or battled patchy beards in their youth.

Whether you’re a seasoned beardsman or letting your facial hair grow out for the first time, the first month of growing your beard out can be a trying experience for anyone. Depending on the day or the week, your beard can look exactly like you want it to one minute and then do the exact opposite the next.

Beard growth is tied to your health, your genes, and actually your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, the same hormone that grows thick beards also affects the thickness of your head hair in the opposite direction. However, those are all things you can’t control, so let’s talk about what you can control. You have heard this time and time again, but the reasons to take care of your body continue with beard growth. Beards aren’t at their best when you are stressed out, missing nutrition from your diet, and not properly exercising. For maximum growth, you need to take care of your body, eat right, and exercise.

The Hormones That Affect a Beard

Growing a beard all comes down to your hormones, specifically testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (or DHT). Regular testosterone is converted to the more potent androgen hormone DHT. The amount of DHT you have in your reproductive system directly affects your beard and hair growth patterns. Men with higher levels of testosterone and DHT will typically have significantly more facial hair than men with lower levels. If your body is genetically prone to be sensitive to these hormones, you'll likely grow a beard at an earlier age than others.

On the other end of the spectrum, guys with lower levels of DHT have a better chance of keeping their head hair. That being said, just because you are in your 20s and still have a patchy beard, it doesn't necessarily mean you have low hormone levels. It’s about your body’s sensitivity towards these hormones and not the set values of them.

Since testosterone occurs naturally in your body, that means there are ways to increase it without supplements. Lifting weights and exercising is a huge factor in that, and we’ll get into the best workouts you can do later. Along with working out, you’ll want to be getting plenty of carbs, proteins, and the good kind of fats in your body. This ups your energy level, metabolism, and helps with testosterone production. Getting plenty of rest and reducing stress will keep your body healthy and ready to grow a beard as well. So, let’s dive deeper into all of that!

Best Foods For a Healthy Beard

The relationship between beard health and body health is a close one. If you have a well-balanced, healthy diet, not only will you reap the benefits, but your beard has a much better chance to bloom. To really be in tip-top shape you’ll need to keep an eye on these foods that promote a healthy beard:

  • Sweet Potatoes - High in Beta-carotene this will help with the cell growth in your beard. What happens is that the Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A and this will lead to more cell growth within the hairs located on the beard.
  • Oysters - One of the best sources of zinc. Zinc is a key mineral that helps the cells which are designed for building hairs. Oysters are also a great source of protein.
  • Eggs - Rich in protein, eggs offer a serious bang for your buck. They’re a natural source of biotin, which is known to strengthen hair and is a well-known supplement that promotes beard growth. Eggs also contain many minerals in them such as iron, calcium, and zinc.
  • Spinach - Spinach is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, protein, and potassium, all major factors in having healthy beard growth. It’s great raw, sautéed, and even works well in smoothies if you want to try and mix it with other food sources.
  • Liver - This animal organ is jam-packed with protein, iron, and biotin.
  • Cinnamon - Cinnamon encourages the flow of oxygen to hair follicles. A little goes a long way when you add it to food. Toss it in oatmeal, protein shakes, and other dishes where sweetness is desired.

Carlos Costa has a thick, black beard, and is sitting at a restaurant, smiling and holding a spoon.

You can also get a few of these natural vitamins in the form of a supplement as well, as we mentioned above. Your beard is really an extension of yourself. Remember those play-doh things where you made the figures grow hair? It’s basically that! The play-doh is your body and beard. If you eat like shit and have an unhealthy diet, then your play-doh will dry out and you’ll grow a shitty beard. Make sense? What you eat makes a difference in how your beard grows, so why not take steps to ensure you have the healthiest beard possible. You can find natural beard vitamins out there. They help pick up the slack if your diet is lacking. They have a huge convenience factor. You can create your own mixture of men’s health vitamins, biotin, fish oil, and whatever else you want, but just picking up a beard vitamin takes all the guesswork out of it.

These kinds of vitamins help grow your beard faster and thicker. An important thing to remember is that vitamins absorb into your body at different rates. A pill could have 100% of the daily recommended value, but you might only absorb 25% of it, so always look into the different things you are putting in your body. Know that information will help you understand how much of it you may need to take.

Best Exercises for Growing a Beard

Your beard is little pieces of dead you that are growing out of your face. That may have sounded like some weird alien shit for a second, but just trust me, it’s cool. It’s a direct result of the hormones your body produces, specifically testosterone and subsequently DHT. The more testosterone you create, the more DHT you’ll have, and the more likely it is your beard will grow in. We’ve compiled some great tips with help from an article from Art of Manliness.

To naturally boost your testosterone, you’ll need to sleep a lot, but only a little more than the national average. So anywhere between 7-10 hours per night will do you a lot of good. Most testosterone is produced during REM sleep, so more sleep = more testosterone. In addition to sleeping more, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating enough as well. Low-calorie diets can take a huge toll on your reproductive system, slowing down your testosterone production. To combat this, consider taking some snacks with you throughout the day and eat a little more than you think you need.

Now to the actual exercises! Focus on resistance training. There have been a ton of studies that have shown these kinds of workouts stimulate testosterone production, and even increases the activity of androgen receptors to absorb it even more. In fact, having a body fat percentage of 8-14% is perfect for getting a ton of testosterone. But if you’re over that’s completely fine too. Get in the gym (or stay in your garage, or wherever you’re most comfortable) and just move around those dumbbells. By lifting weights and challenging yourself, you'll increase your testosterone. Do your best to stick with it.

Growing a Thicker Beard

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How do I make my beard thicker or fuller?” Well, our suggestions are normally based around maximizing your own beard’s genetics. You do that by boosting your natural testosterone – which means eating right, exercising and lifting weights, taking appropriate supplements like biotin and fish oil, lowering your stress, and other cutting back on bad habits. Check out the above section for some tips and tricks to boost testosterone and the right foods to eat.

If you’ve absolutely maximized your beard growing potential and you are into your 30’s, then maybe you can start to consider options that will help give you a fuller thicker beard. You have pretty much two options, one is to take minoxidil (aka Rogaine) or get hair implants.

With minoxidil, any hair that grows when you take it will fall out when you quit taking it. Anecdotally, some people have seen the gains stay with their beard after using minoxidil; however, there hasn’t been scientific research yet to prove that is the case. Like any other drug, it also comes with some side effects. With a beard implant, you’ll find the cost to be quite expensive. Procedures can be anywhere from $5k to $20k to get the treatment done. Of course, those come with a lot of pains of surgery and no guarantee. As always, our best suggestion is to embrace who you are and the genetics that you’ve been dealt. Your beard is truly unique to you and makes you who you are.

Like we mentioned before, the best way to grow a thicker beard is to exercise and eat right, but there are a few tools that will definitely support the growth you’re looking for. Do you own a Boar’s Hair Beard Brush?

What about a Beard Comb? If you answered no to both of those questions, then we highly suggest you change that as soon as humanly possible.

Besides growing at different lengths from your cheekbones to your chin to your jawline, beard hair also grows in different directions, oftentimes leaving your beard looking like you slept on it awkwardly regardless of the time of day. Using a brush or comb to more evenly distribute your facial hair and therefore making your beard appear inherently fuller. Will it feel a little strange at first? Most certainly, but before long combing your beard out will be second nature and it’ll be looking better than ever.

No matter what kind of beard you have, we’ll always support you in your attempts to grow it fuller, thicker, and longer. However, there comes a time for some when all of the products, tools, and patience simply outsmart genetics. This isn’t a fun realization to have, but just because you can’t grow the most epic beard of all time doesn’t mean you still can’t be part of the community! Like we always say, being a beardsman is all about being confident and believing in yourself so however you feel most comfortable.

Growing a Beard Faster

Let’s face it, we’ve all monitored the clock, our watches, and the calendar days go by while trying to grow a beard. Shaving your beard will NEVER make it grow back faster or thicker— it’s an urban legend. The ability to grow a full beard is something that most men, both beardsmen and those who shave regularly, covet. Whether they actually act on this desire is an entirely different story, but regardless, most men want to know if they could grow a thick and dense beard if they so desired. In reality, beards are almost never perfect. Although we all wish our beards were perfectly distributed and fertile enough where you can’t see the facial skin below, these desires are simply not a reality for most beardsmen.

That being said, there are some ways you can grow a fuller beard faster. We can say under good authority that this can be achieved in as little as thirty days with these tips. There will be no potions consumed or any kind of ritual sacrifice required. What these steps will do is assist you in grooming a fuller and healthier beard, along with a more confident you.

Eric Bandholz has a large, red beard and is leaning against a wall while holding a mug

1. Stop Looking in the Mirror

As with all issues we each find with our beards, the more you stare at it, the more flaws come to light and the more you judge your lack of bearded perfection. In truth, this is something that is really out of your control. By constantly judging your own beard, you’re only bringing yourself down, and as your harshest critic, that can take a much larger toll than most might admit to. Try to remember that no one else who observes your beard is picking you apart like you do and the issues you see in your own beard will be greatly diminished if you can learn to not make hourly notes on your beard growth by constantly looking at its reflection. The less often you look at your beard, the less you’ll be critical of it, and the more progress you’ll see when you do take a peek.

2. Quit Picking at It

Minus morning grooming and the occasional long stare into the sea’s horizon while contemplating deep thoughts, a beardsman should keep his hands away from his beard at all costs. Yes, it can be fun to play with. However, hell hath no fury to one’s beard like a wandering hand. The more time you spend fiddling with your beard, the more destruction that occurs. Picking at scabs or acne, plucking occasional beard hairs, all of it leads to less healthy facial skin and non-natural beard patchiness. We know it’s impossible to keep your hands off your beard at all times, but if you can reduce the amount you do it over the course of a month, you’ll definitely see improved results in no time.

3. Clean it Up

Repeat after us: a clean beard is a fuller beard. Much like your head hair, when you keep your beard clean it will appear much fuller than if you let it become too oily or completely dried out. Striking the right balance is important, which is why we suggest investing in some high-quality Beard Wash & Softener to help keep your beard clean without completely drying it out. Establishing the right beard grooming routine is key to ensuring your beard stays full and healthy. If you can get into a routine for the entire month, you’ll be able to see the results after a short amount of time.

4. Keep it Moisturized

Much like our suggestion to keep your beard clean, making sure both your facial hair and skin are well lubricated and moisturized will help ensure a fuller looking beard over time. By using Beard Softener and Beard Oil as part of your larger grooming regimen, your skin and facial hair will avoid the irritating dryness that causes an itchy beard. Aesthetically, using Beard Oil and Beard Softener can help make your beard look fuller because of their abilities to help evenly distribute the denser parts of your facial hair throughout your beard.

Growing a Beard as a Teenager

Long story short, growing a beard as a teenager is the same as growing it as an adult. You just don't shave. Put the razor down. Being a teenager is difficult. You're wrapped around hundreds of other people. Even Eric dealt with it in high school, since he was a late bloomer, constantly analyzing himself for facial and body hair. It can be challenging to deal with at first because we all grow at different rates and hit puberty at different times. The hormones can take control of your life. They make you think about things that don't make a lot of sense.

As you get older, that's just not the case. The main thing is that, as a teenager, you feel impatient. You don't want to wait. You want it right now! However, that's the biggest part of growing a beard. As you age, your beard will grow in fuller and thicker. There's almost a scale that comes with it. When you start puberty, you grow small amounts here and there. Then at 18 to 20 years old, it starts to grow in much thicker. Heck, even Eric couldn’t grow a full beard until about he was about 28. If you're 14 and want a beard right now, that might not happen as fast as you think. Even at 18, it's not all that common. Even in our videos, Greg is in his 50s, and Carlos, Eric, and Jeff are in their mid-30s. They all have the patience to grow their beards because that's how long they took to reach that point.

There are many companies that will take advantage of your impatience. There are no pills that give you a fuller and thicker beard. There are vitamins that will speed up the process, but only as much as your diet is lacking. Don't fall into all the myths you hear. Do your research before believing anything. Shaving doesn't grow your hair back thicker. You're growing up, and shaving is only the difference of time. Many companies market their products with messaging that essentially says you're only a man if you grow a beard, or that you're only masculine if you've got a super beard. Your beard doesn't define your masculinity and neither does your body shape or amount of muscle you have. You're your own person. Don't fall into their trap. You don't have to look how they want you to look. You're an awesome dude no matter what they say! Just love what you have, and love who you are!

The best practice for growing a beard as a teenager is to grow what you got. That means if your chin comes in well, grow it out. If your mustache is rocking, grow it out! If you have some mutton chops, rock those too! Keep the areas that are a little thinner at a short length. You can rock the stubble or the shadow. Whether that's the beard stache, scruffy goat, or just mutton chops, then it'll leave you with a really unique style. High school will not be your peak. You are going to continue to grow, and your beard will get better.

Mental Aspects

Yes, your beard lives on your face, but it’s not sentient. It doesn’t control you. There’s still a person behind the beard. Whether you’re growing a beard, have one, or choose not to have one, you’ve probably experienced some sort of criticism about your facial hair. It may have been about how your beard looks, the patches, or people not understanding why you’re growing a beard/mustache. It can also be an internal process – beard envy is a real thing. Let’s dive into these issues so you can combat them and keep on growing!

Dealing With Criticism

There may be some folks out there who are less than thrilled that you’ve decided to grow a beard. They may not like the color, or the style you’ve decided to go with, or even things out of your control like the length or any patches you have. There’s a short answer with a long explanation: it’s your beard and on your face, so why should anyone be telling you how they feel about it?

As long as your beard makes you happy, then that’s all that matters. It’s important to know that you are in charge of your own beard. If it makes you happy, keep it. If your friends don’t support you through the growth process, get new friends. Sometimes, this criticism could be because your beard hasn’t had the chance to grow out and reach its full potential. Give it time to grow and ignore the noise!

Convincing People You’re Growing a Beard

You can’t just will a beard to grow and throw caution to the wind. There are a ton of guys out there who give a shit about what people think about them, and that’s okay. You want to have the confidence to grow a beard, but don’t want to burn the bridges of your relationships. Life is all about compromising where you need to.

If you’re growing a beard for the first time, try to tie it in with No Shave November or some sort of charity growing cause. It’ll give you an immediate response to all the haters who try to put you down. A lot of times the people you need to convince include your significant other. What do youdo when your wife or partner wants you to shave? It’s a lot more personal this time. They bought into the relationship when you were completely shaven, or rocking some designer stubble, and they were comfortable with that. We all change throughout our lives and throughout a relationship. You evolve your style, your clothes, and your hair, so why not do the same with your facial hair? It’s a great point to bring up to them and drive home your intention of trying new things.

Usually, the final nail in the coffin for those who are really struggling to convince their significant other is to educate them about the process and the products. If that still doesn’t work, then play on the commitment side of things. You want to stay with them, and you’ve been with them for a while, and you want to just try this for a few months or a year. That way you both can test out the look and see what you think of it.

The ultimate thing is that no one is entitled to your life. No one is entitled to be your friend, to be your boss or employee. Ultimately you are in total control of how you live your life. Life is too short and too full of stress to draw the line of what’s acceptable at facial hair. If wearing a beard makes you happy; if wearing a beard is part of who you are, then fuck it – grow your beard and don’t look back.

Dealing With Beard Envy

There are a ton of guys out there who have some amazing beards. You’ve seen them all over Instagram and YouTube. They are almost inescapable to see at this point. You may feel like they have the best beard in the world and that you can only aspire to grow one as awesome as theirs. I’ll let you in on a little secret though—they’re only human. They have bits and pieces of their beard that they don’t love as well. It’s okay to look up to someone for the type of beard they have. You can look at the color, thickness, style, and so much more. Just don’t idolize them for their beard. It’s not healthy to actively compare yourself to the beards you see. Focus on your own beard, and what you’re able to grow. Who knows, maybe someone looks up to your beard, too.

Stressful Situations

Your body responds to the things you do in your life; what you eat, what you drink, and how your mind responds to different activities. Your body chemistry and the hormones it produces changes when you’re stressed. The hormones produced get reallocated into what is most necessary and most of the time, testosterone get pushed down that list. Don’t worry though, its natural levels in your body will return once your stress dissipates.

As much as we’d like to think stress is as easy to get rid of as wishing it away, but that’s just not reality. Our advice to remove stress in your life is to take a 10-minute break every once in a while during the day, or when you feel your stress the most, to focus on your passions. Maybe take a walk and think about what you love, spend some time doodling, or take a short nap. You could make it a point to get outside for a bit. Your body needs vitamin D to maintain your natural hormone balance.

Issues With Your Beard

There are a lot of things that no one tells you about growing a beard. One of those things is that there’s no such thing as a perfect beard. We’re our own worst critic, so there will always be something you will find “wrong” about your beard. That’s okay, though. It’ll keep you humble and encourage you to support the people around you who want to grow their facial hair out. You may not be able to solve every issue you find, but we can definitely help you with a few of them. Strap in, cause we’re going through itchy beards, dandruff, patches, split ends and losing your beard hairs. Most of it comes down to how you care for your beard and the products you use.

If you have insecurities about your physical appearance and want to step it up, then maybe you can find styles that enhance your crappy beard. Here's the thing: you can still pull off a patchy beard or one that grows in clumps at a short length. You can pair together with the part that grows in thick. If you grow in a full mustache, keep that up and trim your beard to a short length. Highlight the parts of your beard that are your strengths and stay away from the parts of your beard you think “suck”.

Dealing With an Itchy Beard

It’s hard to believe it at first, but it will eventually stop. Some never get past the itching phase because they “just can’t handle it.” It’s sad but true. Believe me, after one or two months, the itching completely stops. One of the things that help your facial façade stay on point is Beard Oil. The main thing beard oil does is condition your hair. As a result, your beard is healthier, softer, and your skin is less dry. The application process is rather important. Working the beard oil down to the skin will give you the best results. For an in-depth explanation of Beard Oil, I highly recommend watching this in-depth video on Beard Oil and how to use it.

Easing the Itch and Irritation Your hydration routine begins with using products designed specifically for your face and beard, not for your scalp. Your scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles and your face only about 30,000. A Beard Wash will be more gentle and less likely to cause dryness on your face. In addition to that, by using Beard Softener instead of a hair conditioner, you will be using a product that is designed for the follicles on your face without silicone buildup. When silicone builds up on your beard, it can cause dullness to your beard as well as some silicone flaking.

Once you hop out of the shower you'll want to follow with your traditional beard care routine which should involve either a Beard Oil or Utility Balm. This helps keep your skin and beard moisturized, so the new hairs growing out of your face and through your skin don’t have to work as hard to break through. The harder they have to work, the more irritation you’ll have. It’s okay to apply a couple times a day.

Electric Shaver vs Razor Blade

Just because you have a beard doesn’t mean you can throw out your sharp objects. First of all, you might poke someone’s eye out just tossing those around. Razors or trimmers are still useful even after you’ve achieved your beard. They can line up your cheeks, trim your neck, or taper the sides if you’re confident in your handiwork. The tools you use can make more of a difference than you think.

A side-by-side comparison of a single hair that has been cut by electric trimmers and by a razor.

It might be a microscopic difference, but electric trimmers and razors give you a completely different shave. An electric trimmer will leave your ends with a sharper finish, which can lead to a lot of irritation and itchiness. This can also lead to split ends. Since the separation of hair is so sharp, it splits your hair and leads to more split ends. Whereas when you trim your edges with a razor instead, it still cleans up that line but also ruffles the ends which promote a more natural growth of your hair follicles.

How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff is caused by the micro-organism Malassezia globosa and it's feeding on the natural oils produced by your skin. Those oils are called sebum. The Malassezia globosa break down the oils into an oleic acid that some are sensitive to. When this happens, the body produces skin cells at a higher rate and the overproduction of skin cells is what causes dandruff. While it sucks to have beard flakes, it's a pretty common issue for people.

To help clear up these excessive skin flakes and dirt, you'll want to exfoliate. There are a few different ways to exfoliate - through physical means and through chemical means. A physical exfoliator will be something like an Alpha Fit, a scalp brush, or a Boar's Hair Brush. A chemical exfoliator uses ingredients like glycolic acid or lactic acid to loosen the bonds of the dead skin. You'll want to exfoliate before (or while you are in) your shower. The key to exfoliation is to be gentle with your skin. You're not going to want to rub your face raw or red. Let the products work for you and treat your skin with kindness. Here’s a more in-depth look at skincare

What to Do About a Patchy Beard

For some guys, the day they decide to let their beards grow, they are met with the beginnings of a full, dense mane of hair on their faces. For others, they find the process to be slightly less encouraging. Sparse and wiry hairs, and hairless patches can thrust doubt into the mind of a beardsman, but we're here to tell you that just because you're rocking a patchy beard doesn't mean there aren't things you can’t do to make it look fuller, denser, and more badass.

First of all, give it some time. Some guys will spend a month skipping the razor and letting their beard grow only to find that it looks sparse and thin, which leads to them losing hope and shaving it off. The truth is that time may be the best remedy. If you can stick it out through the four to five month mark, a lot of times you're going to notice that your beard starts to look fuller and denser. You can even use the longer hairs to cover up the sparser areas by combing and styling it into place.

The number one complaint from guys with supposedly patchy beards usually arises after only a month of letting their beards grow in. We all have this false vision of bearded glory appearing four weeks after putting down the razor, but in reality, beards take a lot longer to appear full than you might think. Just because your beard doesn’t fill in uniformly after a few weeks doesn’t mean that anyone will be able to notice two months later. That’s the thing with beards: the longer they get, the more equally distributed they appear. We aren’t saying that the process of letting your beard grow out won’t come with some awkward moments, but there are different beard styles when you have a few patches. If you take those in stride and simply let your beard do as it does, your facial hair will appear much fuller after less time than you might expect, based on how patchy your beard looks after just a few weeks.

Like each supposed flaw of the self that we notice, beard patchiness is significantly more apparent to the beardsman himself than to the onlookers. Similar to thinning hair or embarrassing scars, the beholder spends much more time looking at, acknowledging, and thinking about covering beard patches than anyone else does. Onlookers will notice you have a beard and will most likely not give it a second thought. As with so many things in life, there are a number of realities about patchy beards you have to accept. Its all about confidence and not dwelling on things that you simply can’t control. If you can accept it and move on then so will anyone else who takes notice.

Even for those of us with signs of dense facial hair, we still might not let our beards grow out in fear of uneven growth. It doesn’t matter who you are, there isn’t a single beard out there that naturally grows out in perfect uniformity from side to side, top to bottom, or chin to cheek. To think otherwise is silly and will put you on the fast track to disappointment. This, gents, is why we have beards trimmers and electric clippers to help even out unruly corners of our facial hair and achieve the desired looks that we want. The only way you’ll know how your beard grows is if you let it do its thing and then adapt. Your beard is unique for a reason, and it’s time to make peace with it.

We understand that there are some cases of beard patchiness that will never ever be remedied. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to opt for the completely shaven look either. Although we don’t suggest this to many, the best way to combat persistent beard patchiness is to simply opt for a shorter length of facial hair, going as far as what many simply consider scruff. Much like baldness, it’s much less noticeable when your facial hair is already at a short length so the areas that simply don’t grow hair become less apparent in comparison to those that do.

So You Have Split Ends

Split ends happen when your hair follicles become too coarse or brittle, and the ends fray and, well, split. There are a ton of different reasons this can happen. Basically, the root cause is a lack of moisture in the follicles of your beard!

One of the main causes of split ends in your beard is a lack of sebum oil, which is natural oil produced by glands in your body. These glands can only be so big and produce the same amount every day. Every guy is different, but at some point, your beard will get so big that there won’t enough sebum oil to cover it all. This causes the tips of your beard to miss out on those sweet nutrients. To help combat that, you can use some beard oil to keep the whole thing moisturized and help mimic what your body is already trying to do.

Another cause could be that you are trying to dye your beard. The chemicals in hair dye dry out the follicles and your skin. Using it frequently can cause a lot of damage to your beard. That doesn’t mean you can’t dye your beard. It just means that you need to properly take care of it each time you do it on a regular basis. You also don’t want to be using a shampoo meant for your hair in your beard. They don’t have the same ingredients, and it can really damage your beard as well.

We’ve talked about using a blow dryer in our videos, but usually, it comes with a bit of a disclaimer to keep an eye on it and use it in moderation. If used too much it could dry up those follicles and cause split ends. To combat this, you can hold the hairdryer further away from your beard, use a medium heat setting, or even use the cool setting. All of this will help make sure your beard doesn’t get damaged. Use oil or balm to keep it moisturized after it’s dry.

Losing Beard Hairs

Let me just put you at ease since you’re here. It’s completely normal to lose beard hairs. We lose hair from head to toe every day all year long. Beard hair is much thicker and coarser, so it will show up much easier on your pillowcase. You don’t need to shave your beard off. What you can do to prevent it from accelerating is to decrease the amount of time you spend combing or brushing your beard. Make sure it’s a high-quality one so it won’t snag and pull out your hairs.

Go easy on your beard. You don’t to always be touching it, grabbing at it, brushing, or combing it. Let it breathe. Cotton sheets and pillowcases can also be a cause of the friction pulling at your beard, so maybe consider satin sheets. They are much smoother and less likely to lead to those lost hairs you find in the morning.

How to Live With a Beard

It’s not all about the growth process. You must maintain your beard after you grow it out. Once you’ve reached the length you’re going for or you’re getting close, it might feel like it’s a bit more to handle and getting in the way. Have no fear, we’ve got a ton of help and advice to make life a little easier when you have a beard. After all, no one wants to grow a beard just to shave it off because it gets in their mouth when they eat.

Reaching Terminal Growth

Think of your arm or leg hair. If you were to shave it off, it would grow back, but after a certain length, it stops. This is when you have hit terminal length. On a beard, different parts of your face hit terminal length at different stages of growth. For example, your sideburns typically hit terminal length faster than the area around and below your chin. This is the reason why beards tend to have an oval shape when left untouched. Your mustache will also hit terminal length before your beard. This is especially true for the middle section of the ‘stache.

Kissing With a Beard

So you have a beard, or know someone who does and want to get to kissin’? We’ve got you covered, cause beard burn is a real thing and a mustache can really get in the way sometimes. Beard burn can happen at any point in your growth process, but it’s more common in the early stages usually with a shorter beard. Friction from your beard rubbing against your partner’s chin can cause it to become raw and irritated.

The trick to solving the issue for you is pretty simple. You need to keep it moisturized with either beard oil or some beard balm! It not only keeps your beard moisturized and smooth but also your skin. Keeping the entire area moisturized will keep your whiskers from irritating your partner’s skin as well as your own. If the damage has already been done, just do the same thing you’d do for a sunburn and put some aloe vera on it to soothe the redness.

Now time for the actual kissing part. Everyone is different and no matter who you are kissing, they’re going to have a different preference. Odds are you’ll probably get hair in your mouth, and they’ll get hair in theirs. That’s just the nature of the beast. But, you’re probably not kissing 10 hours a day. You’re a busy guy with other shit to do. One way to do it is to just go right in. This is for those quick pecks, and you’re going to get a little bit of mustache in there. The other way to do it is to just lift up your ‘stache and split it down the middle. Lastly, you can come in at a downward motion to essentially lay your hair on their upper lip instead of getting it in their mouth.


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In case you’re too lazy to read everything until this point, or just in a rush, we’ll wrap up our discussion on how to grow a beard and ways to encourage growth. In short, to grow a beard fast, you need to:

  1. Follow a healthy, protein-rich diet
  2. Promote good testosterone levels via restful sleep, stress-reduction practices, and resistance training exercise
  3. Keep your face clean and moisturized with the right products
  4. Stay patient through your growth process and ward urges to shave

Through proper diet, regular exercise, plenty of sleep, and persistent grooming, you can foster facial hair growth. There are many factors that play crucial parts in this, though, that can affect the thickness of your beard. Age and testosterone levels are two of them, each related to one another. If you’re young, you may not be able to grow the full beard you want until you’re in your late 20s or early 30s. Above all else, patience is the key to beard growth. When paired with healthy habits in diet, skincare, sleep, and fitness, your beard will have more opportunities to achieve its full potential.

Living with a beard can feel strange at first, but the important thing is to be confident no matter if it’s thick and full or patchy and thin. Being a beardsman means you confidently sport your beard and make the most out of what you can grow. Beard envy, dealing with criticism, and reaching that point of confidence are all topics that have likely arisen for you when thinking about how to grow a beard. We talk about them all so you can feel like you can really do this. We also go into depth on dealing with:

  • Itchiness
  • Beard dandruff
  • Patchiness
  • Losing beard hair
  • General Beard Maintenance

At the close of this blog, we offer a helpful list of resources you can check out to enter the spheres where other beardsmen go to learn more about styling and care, as well as foster connections and listen to one another’s beard stories. Join in on one or more of these communities to talk to guys dealing with the same beard struggles as you.

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